Zodiac Charms


Zodiac Charms

Select from the best assortment of zodiac charms in 925 sterling silver, only from Xinar.com! So bring the power of the cosmos and the twelve zodiac sign charms to your workbench today. We have a complete and growing selection of zodiac charms for jewelry making. So whether you want to make an Aries necklace or a Capricorn necklace, our zodiac necklace charms are always in stock and ready to complete your designs.

What makes Xinar’s zodiac sign bracelet charms special?

Our zodiac sign charms for bracelets occupy a tier above the competition because they are manufactured through the lost wax casting method, a traditional method of casting silver charms that requires the talents of master casters who have been doing this for years. Our silver manufacturer is also consistent in quality and has adhered to the strict FTC standards for what constitutes lead-free and nickel-free sterling silver.

If you are tired of buying silver charms that don’t meet FTC criteria, which can be dangerous for those with high nickel sensitivity, then head over to our online charms store today. Should you need something that you can’t immediately find in our jewelry-making catalog, email us today, and we will help you out ASAP.

What Do the Zodiac Charms Symbolize?


The ram symbolizes Aries, and yes, they adore being the pack leader. However, because Aries is dominated by Mars and is the first fire and cardinal sign, people prefer initiating over completing. 

Essentially, whether you have a job that must be completed or a dish that you’ve been itching to test, contact Aries for assistance.

Leo and Sagittarius join Aries on the front lines of the fire sign. Due to their connection to the element of fire, these three are passionate, energetic, and creative. Additionally, if you share an aspect with another zodiac sign, this signifies a beneficial flow of these unique energies between you.

Modalities are another way of classifying the zodiac signs; Aries belongs to the cardinal modality associated with fast and ambitious characters.


Taurus is ruled by Venus and is also known as ‘the bull.’ If you are a Taurus, you are a thorough pleasure seeker and a veritable genius when it comes to material possessions. Consider yourself a money magnet, owing to your extraordinary ability to manifest. Additionally, you are innately grounded, dependable, and diligent as an earth sign.

In astrology, there are concepts known as “quadruplicities.” Quadruplicity refers to the alternative way the twelve zodiac signs are divided by modality, making a tense square with one another. Cardinal, fixed, and changeable is the three modalities. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are all fixed signs, which means they are determined, steadfast, and committed to their aims.


The “twins” symbolize Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury. Recognized as the universe’s holy duality, Gemini is an innovative and adaptable sign with an insatiable curiosity and a sharp, quick-witted mind. Like Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, Gemini is a changeable sign. Each of these indications is adaptable and resourceful. Each quadruplicity grouping represents the hurdles and problems between the zodiac signs and ultimately result in personal growth.


Cancers are *extremely* devoted. This sign is intuitive and stubborn, remaining true to their roots and excelling at obtaining what they desire to defend their family and loved ones. They are controlled by the Moon and have the crab as their symbol.

Additionally, zodiac signs are classified according to their element: water, earth, air, or fire. For example, cancers are a water sign, which means they are well-spoken and emotionally intelligent. Additionally, they are a part of the cardinal modality (modalities are another way to categorize the characters), which means that they are initiators, among other things. They employ their brains to advance their ambitions.


The Leo sign, king of the jungle, is symbolized by “the lion” and is ruled by the Sun. If you know a Leo, you’re undoubtedly aware that establishing a good first impression is paramount. Due to this sign’s inventiveness and fire appeal, it takes center stage in life.

Additionally, it seems that the Leo is associated with the fire element since their buoyant energy and passion make them ideal for being the center of attention. Leo is a determined and stable sign that is also a member of the fixed modality, which means they are pretty consistent.


Mercury rules Virgo and represents the ideal of wholeness and excellence.

Virgos are biologically predisposed to be diligent, organized, and efficient. These attributes equip them to succeed in virtually any undertaking.

The 12 zodiac signs are also classified according to their element: Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn are all earth signs, which means they are grounded, dependable, and hardworking individuals.


Are you familiar with the scales of justice symbols? True, that is representative of Libra. They are the epitome of beauty, balance, harmony, and a feeling of fair play. They are an intellectual sign controlled by Venus.

Together with Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn, Libras fall under the cardinal sign modality. Since cardinal signs are the zodiac’s initiators, each of these signs is exceptionally swift and ambitious.

Libra is also related to the air element, which means they will approach life logically, yet they can sometimes be indecisive or fickle.


Scorpio is, indeed, referred to as “the scorpion.” Scorpios, a passionate and resilient sign, have an uncanny ability to “focus on critical questions and elicit the answers that lay within. Mars and Pluto are their ruling planets (which might explain why they can be hot and cold). Additionally, the 12 zodiac signs are separated into elements. Although scorpions are not aquatic animals, they, along with Cancer and Pisces, are associated with the water element. Water signs are articulate, cerebral, and curious. Scorpio, another method of classifying zodiac signs, is related to the fixed modality, making them determined and steady in terms of quadruplicates.



Sags are aggressive, adaptable, and above all, truth-seekers. Therefore, the most effective technique for obtaining solutions is establishing numerous interactions with others.

In case you’ve forgotten, triplicities are how the zodiac signs are classified according to their element. Along with Pisces, Virgo, and Gemini, Sags are also changeable signs. However, they are adaptable enough to form bonds with everyone as a mutable sign.


Have you ever heard the term “sea-goat”? You now possess—it is a legendary sea creature associated with the Capricorn zodiac sign.” Capricorns, who Saturn rules, are ambitious and committed initiators. If you’re a Cap, you’re unquestionably tough. (For example, you are at your best when confronted with the most significant obstacles.) Caps are cardinal quadruplicities (a modality used to distinguish signs), which coincidentally are the zodiac’s fast-paced and initiative-taking members.

Capricorns, like Taurus and Virgo, are elementally associated with earth. This indicates that they are stable, dependable, and diligent.


Aquarius is referred to be the “water carrier.” Saturn and Uranus rule this sign, and those born under it are frequently humanitarians, visionaries, and progressive individuals dedicated to making the world a better place.

Additionally, you should be aware that each of the twelve zodiac signs is related to a particular element. For example, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra are all air signs, making them the zodiac’s most articulate, inquiring, and intellectual movements. Aquarius is also related to fixed quadruplicity, which indicates a steadfast, stable sign that will always see a project through.


Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune and symbolized by the “two fishes” (which makes sense, given that it is a water sign!). This sign, dreamy and spiritual, marks the culmination of the zodiacal voyage. Pisces unifies the traits of the preceding eleven characters, bringing the spirit to its ultimate state of completeness. That is not a terrible indicator at all.

This completeness is reflected in the fact that Pisces possess the curious and passionate nature of the water element and their mutable sign modality, enabling them to complete the zodiac.

Zodiac Charms

Zodiac Charms