Wire Protectors & Bead Caps 14/20 Gold-Filled


Wire Protectors & Bead Caps 14/20 Gold-Filled

Xinar has been selling gold-filled bead caps and wire guards on the internet since the nineties. What started on eBay eventually expanded to one of the most reliable jewelry-making supplies stores online.

We guarantee each bead and finding to be what they are, as advertised. Shop at bargain prices year-long from our extensive jewelry supplies catalog. We are constantly adding new products to our inventory, so be sure to bookmark us (Ctrl + D) to discover excellent new jewelry-making supplies as they come in.

Working with Gold-Filled Bead Caps and Wire Guards

Bead caps can now be used in various ways, opening a world of new possibilities for these popular jewelry-making elements. Add these findings to on-trend decoration styles like dangles, tassels, and drops. They allow the designer to go beyond beads and finish strung designs.

These jewelry-making and beading components come in a wide range of styles, textures, shapes, antiqued and polished finishes and are used in various conventional design tactics.

Sizes, styles, depths, patterns, and materials for bead caps range from more valuable gold-filled to popular fine silver to pressed glass and pewter. There are also bead caps made from freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, and precious stones.

Many creations are customarily dressed up with bead caps. Bead caps are usually used on finishing thoroughly drilled beads to enhance them and make these elements the focal point of jewelry creation. They also help in keeping beads from colliding. Bead caps are also typically used to produce drops with the aid of a headpin on top of the drilled beads.

Wire guards protect the wire from abrasion caused by clasps and other components with sharp edges. Their goal is to protect your beading wire from excessive wear where it is joined to a pin or connection, and they come in a variety of designs. On the other hand, a wire guard would keep the wire from sliding through a jump ring.

Using a closed ring, on the other hand, would completely solve the problem. Many jewelry designers prefer wire guards because they are easier to use, but some retain their French wires on the bench for those occasions when they want to switch up their jewelry styles. They both take care of the crimping loop.

Xinar’s Guarantee: High-Quality Gold-Filled Findings

Online marketplaces are notorious for misrepresentation of precious metals. The FTC has strict definitions of what comprises authentic gold-filled items. Rolled gold or gold-filled items must have had the gold bonded mechanically to the surface of the other metal. Gold-filled items may be manufactured with silver or jeweler’s brass. In the case of Xinar’s gold-filled findings, our manufacturer uses the highest quality jeweler’s brass. They use a high-end gold bonding method that ensures an atomic bond between the gold and the brass.

While other methods only physically adhere to the two metal surfaces, our manufacturer goes down to the atomic level for the most durable and professional bond and finish. So invest in genuine gold-filled and see your creations outlasting lesser-made findings. Our gold-filled beads and results will also resist tarnishing and chipping, even with regular wear and tear. 

Floral Design Bead Caps and Wire Guards

Floral Design Bead Caps and Wire Guards