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Xinar Updates: We Are Ready for Holiday Shopping!

Hello everyone! On behalf of everyone here at, I’d like to say an early happy holidays to all our creative and artistic crafters, beaders, and jewelry designers who have helped us at Xinar reach greater heights this year.

2021 has been a fantastic year of change for Xinar. Suppose you have been with us for years; you probably already know that the site has been getting a fabulous makeover to make shopping more efficient. Expect more enjoyable shopping for jewelry-making supplies here at Xinar!

What’s New at Xinar?

General Site Improvements

Xinar has exerted a lot of effort to make the beads, findings, and charms pages more accessible in the past few months. We’ve created better-looking and more organized pages so you can find what you need faster. 

In addition, is now more mobile-friendly, so you can shop with ease no matter what device you are using.  

We have also made it possible to explore the different product categories more in-depth, so you can fan out in terms of creativity and find more great stuff for your projects.

We also believe in being prepared – so if you are designing bracelets and need a variety of charms, be sure to check out the growing tree of categories, especially for holiday charms and birthday charms. We also have a ton of sterling silver charms for fantasy bracelet creations, earrings, necklaces, and creative crafts. With an endless pool of designs to choose from, which include sterling silver Halloween charms and professions charms, there’s nothing you can’t make with Xinar by your side.

Clearer Images for a Happier Shopping Experience

It is natural for crafters and jewelry designers to examine each piece before using them in a design. Expect better product images moving into 2022 as we exert every effort to provide you with ever-clearer photos in a higher resolution so you can get granular with your examination of our charms, beads, and findings. Xinar is happy to report that our customers always say they get precisely what they saw on our pages. We want you to get what you shopped for online all the time.

New Shopping Cart Widget

We’ve introduced a snazzy shopping cart widget that will now accompany you as you explore the vast ocean that is Xinar’s jewelry-making catalog. No more looking for the shopping cart page – now you will know precisely what types of items you have in your cart, how many, and your total. You will also be able to finetune your purchases using this neat new cart widget and pay for your items any time you like.

Better, More Secure Checkout Process

We didn’t stop with just making it easy for you to add items to your cart – we’ve also made it more accessible, especially for our first-time customers to add their details on the checkout page. We hear you – it’s now easier to navigate the checkout page, add your address and get your jewelry-making supplies ASAP. We are super responsive to your emails, and we are always happy to answer your questions about’s products and our site. Let us know how we’re doing when you shop with us!

Discover History and Culture with Xinar’s Sterling Silver Charms

We know, more than anyone, that artists and crafters are picky with their silver charms. That’s why we have also revamped our Christmas charms, Halloween charms, and birthday charms so everyone can learn more about the symbolism, uses, and more profound history when you select any charm. Learn more about these unique charms and why they carry weight when you add them to any design – it’s now possible with Xinar because we want to get better all the time. We’ll be seeing you inside!

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for reading!

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