Plain & Twist Tube Gold-Filled Beads


Plain & Twist Tube Gold-Filled Beads

Welcome to Xinar – the best place on the internet for gold-filled beads and findings!

We love supporting the creative vision of jewelry makers and crafters everywhere. However, it’s essential to have the right supplies on your workbench when creating beautiful jewelry.

Xinar is here to make sure that you can have your beads, findings, and other beautiful and appropriate jewelry-making supplies when you need them. We have been operating since the 1990s, and we have one of the most extensive inventories of domestically sourced precious metals for jewelry-making. In addition, the quality of our items is the highest in the country because we only work with the best US manufacturers and goldsmiths.

Jewelry-Making with Metal Beads

Is this your first time working with precious metal beads? Xinar’s gold-filled beads are the perfect way to enhance your aesthetics and upgrade your beadwork. Bring your crafts and jewelry design to the next level with our twist and pentagon tube beads.

In the game of beadwork, variety is always the winner. Therefore, it is critical to have a suitable variety of beads to add texture and fineness to your designs efficiently. If you want beads that will make your techniques instant classics, you’ve found the right store.

Tube beads and hexagon beads are trendy to beaders as they help complete designs, and they’re also fantastic in accenting larger beads. Accents or secondary elements in jewelry design are essential for completing projects.

Knowing how these secondary elements can affect the whole can help you plan. Accents are also crucial for creating symmetry and flow in bead designs. When working with gold-filled beads, be sure to check the surface texture of the beads and visualize how these different textures will affect your design. Visualize and sketch, and we’re sure you will know what beads are best to add next.

Xinar’s Golden Guarantee

Xinar is the best place to get quality and genuine gold-filled beads and findings. It’s important to know where to get only the authentic items when you’re creating jewelry. There are many disadvantages when you’re given something else.

Xinar guarantees that all our gold-filled beads and findings are truly gold-filled. What does this mean? Gold-filled means the pure gold was mechanically bonded to the brass. The core of gold-filled items should be jewelry brass and not some ordinary metal that will quickly rust.

These items will be worn regularly, after all, and those who receive the jewelry should be able to enjoy their bracelets and necklaces for a long, long time. It’s possible to create heirloom pieces that several generations will appreciate in the future. That’s the power of genuine gold-filled jewelry.

The main problem with other stores is they are not upfront with their descriptions. People rely on the descriptions of jewelry-making supplies, and if they see “gold-filled,” they’re going to think that they’re getting gold-filled. However, there are many instances when customers buy gold-washed and electroplated items, which do not have the durability of true gold-filled.

Xinar is proud to present gold-filled beads that satisfy the legal requirements of the FTC. Our manufacturer mechanically bonds pure gold onto these beads, and the gold’s weight can be up to five percent of the total. The gold is also atomically bonded, ensuring durability and beautiful luster for a long, long time.

Plain Tube Beads and Twist Tube Beads

Plain Tube Beads and Twist Tube Beads