Plain & Corrugated Tire Sterling Silver Beads


Plain & Corrugated Tire Sterling Silver Beads

Discover a wealth of beauty and glamour with Xinar’s sterling silver plain and corrugated tire beads. Our sterling silver spacer beads are fire-assayed periodically to ensure the highest consistency and purity for our customers.

We also take detailed transportation, storage, packing, and delivery measures to ensure that your silver beads arrive in top condition and ready for your workbench. Xinar has been at the side of jewelers and crafters since the 1990s, and this year, we are working even harder to bring the most comprehensive and most helpful inventory of jewelry-making supplies, beads, and findings to you. So be sure to bookmark our site by pressing Ctrl + D, so you can return any time you need more sterling silver beads!

Nickel-Free Guarantee

All of Xinar’s sterling silver plain and corrugated tire beads are free of nickel and other contaminants that may cause allergies and other negative interactions once worn. US law indicates that sterling silver is an alloy of silver and copper, not silver and nickel.

Therefore, our 925 sterling silver beads and findings are guaranteed nickel-free at all times. You don’t have to worry about anyone getting allergies after wearing one of your creations. The same outcome cannot be guaranteed if you buy silver beads that turn out to be merely silver-plated from other stores.

Plain Tire Beads

Sterling silver tire beads are a timeless classic for bracelet and necklace designs, and the smoothness of the bead surface emphasizes the quality of the silver used to make it. In addition, plain tire beads provide just the right level of color and light to accent larger beads on the string. Use simple tire beads for any project that requires emphasizing larger beads on the pattern.

Corrugated Tire Beads

Xinar’s sterling silver corrugated beads are perfect for jewelry and other beading projects. Silver corrugated beads have a ridged design and a traditional circular form. This bead type will add depth and luster to your jewelry creations. It comes in a modest size that can be used as a spacer or provide a sparkling flash to any surface. It can be used to make bracelets, long necklace strands, and more. The dazzling silver gleam will go with any color scheme in mind.

Just Getting Started with Beadwork?

Sterling silver beads are a top choice for beadwork. If you are a budding crafter, metal beads will provide you with enough diversity and variety to express your best ideas. The best way is to plan and sketch your designs on your phone, PC, or even on a notebook. Planning any strategy is crucial because sterling silver beads come in a wealth of shapes and types.

There are two designs on this page, but you will see many more if you visit our Sterling Silver Beads page. That’s because Xinar supports the artistic vision of jewelry designers and crafters everywhere, and we want you to be as expressive and liberal about how you combine different silver beads to bring a concept to life. We also have other beads and findings that will help you complete your beautiful designs.

Plain Tire Beads and Corrugated Tire Beads

Sterling Silver Tire Beads. Choice of Quantity and Size.

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Plain Tire Beads and Corrugated Tire Beads

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