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Plain & Corrugated Tire Gold-Filled Beads


Plain & Corrugated Tire Gold-Filled Beads

Welcome to Xinar! Xinar is your best stop for plain tire & corrugated tire beads, as well as other gold-filled beads and findings that you might need. In addition, we proudly present you with our extensive inventory of vital jewelry-making supplies for every concept and need. So let your artistic expressions fly free with Xinar’s comprehensive collection of jewelry-making supplies.

If you like jewelry as much as making them, we also recommend checking out our Far Fetched collection, as well as our sterling silver charms. Everything you need in just one place. Show us some love by pressing Ctrl + D to bookmark our site if you like what you see.

Enhancing Beadwork with Tire Beads and Corrugated Beads

Tire beads or wheel beads are fantastic for creating perfect accents on bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry. They’re beautiful and straightforward and produce a most enhancing aesthetic that naturally creates contrast on the string. But are you just starting with beading? Beading is one of the most enjoyable methods of making jewelry, and there is never a shortage of great things to do and beautiful concepts to build on your workbench when you have a growing collection of beads.

If you have trouble creating new concepts, we recommend drafting the design on a computer or manually on a sketchpad or notebook while checking out available beads and findings. This is because you can envision your ideas more efficiently when you can see at least its rough iteration on paper. We’re sure that with enough time, you will be able to refine your skills and jewelry designs and enhance them further with our collection of metal beads for jewelry-making.

The Xinar Quality Guarantee

Here at Xinar, we value your business more than anything. That’s why we have always been upfront and honest about our jewelry-making supplies. If we say that something is silver, that’s what you’re going to get.

If you read that you’re about to buy gold-filled beads, then that’s precisely what’s arriving in the mail. We will never misrepresent our items, and most significantly, we will not use the wrong terms to describe them. The FTC is strict about using descriptors that involve gold.

Gold-filled jewelry is not identical to gold-washed or gold-plated jewelry. They might look identical on the outside, but inside, they’re not. Since these items are not precisely the least expensive of beads, it’s crucial that you only buy from reputable online sellers who sell the real deal.

Gold-plated jewelry only contains gold that is microns thick. Microns are just that –tiny units of gold. The process of gold-plating transfers the metal through a unique solution when electricity is passed through the core metal and the gold. There is no physical bonding of gold in the plain sense of the word.

Genuine gold-filled beads and findings are different. Our manufacturer uses a unique technique that atomically bonds the precious, pure gold to the brass. This goes beyond the requirements of the FTC in a sense because the primary need is that there has to be mechanical bonding involved. So you know that when you order a batch of gold-filled beads from Xinar, you are getting the best deal in more ways than one. 

Plain Tire Beads and Corrugated Tire Beads

Plain Tire Beads and Corrugated Tire Beads