World Animal Sterling Silver Charms


World Animal Sterling Silver Charms

Add a dash of art to charm bracelets and necklaces is by integrating animal charms in 925 sterling silver. Xinar’s collection of silver charms includes a wide variety of animal charms, including world animal charms that represent the most iconic species globally. If you appreciate the symbolism in jewelry and would like to increase the artistic value of your creation, you need world animal charms in the equation. Among the most iconic animals in our collection are the striped tiger, the standing wolf, the cheetah, and the doe.

Our animal charms are the best in the market, as our silver manufacturer is committed to quality (just like us!) and creates pendants using the lost wax casting process. The lost wax casting process requires several very detailed steps, from creating the master for the mold and, finally, despurring and polishing the finished silver charms. Xinar has been working tirelessly for over twenty years to bring the best jewelry-making supplies to our customers. Choose from various beads, findings, and silver charms from every imaginable project. Our silver charms are also hypoallergenic and do not contain nickel or lead. Our silver manufacturer follows the strict standards of the FTC regarding these parameters.

What Do Animals Symbolize?

The Japanese have employed animal symbolism for millennia. Animals were frequently featured in Japanese art, and many ancient Japanese art pieces with animals as the principal theme have been discovered.

The artwork of hawks and eagles, which symbolize power and wealth, was famous among Japanese lords. The koi fish, which live for a very long time, pointed longevity to the Japanese. Peacocks became a symbol of pride and even service to the Gods because of their gorgeous tails and feathers.

Cranes have traditionally been associated with good fortune in Japan, and Japanese origami cranes were frequently given as gifts to those who wished them well. Likewise, animal symbolism has a long history in China, dating back to the zodiac.

There are 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac, and those born in that year are said to have the characteristics of that animal.

Monkeys were adored in both countries. They walk, talk, and, to some extent, resemble people. As a result, monkeys are frequently featured in Japanese and Chinese art, and monkeys are adored in Japan as sacred animals and messengers of Shinto gods.

Like the West, Eastern countries’ symbolism altered with time; foxes, once revered as gods, were eventually connected with tricksters who tricked humans. Animals are important in Christianity, and many are mentioned in the Bible and Christian art. The bee has become the animal icon of vigilance and zeal because it never sleeps. The bull is a symbol of brutal strength. Camels are associated with temperance, and the hair of a camel has become a symbol of St. John the Baptist.

The cat is associated with laziness and desire, but the dog is associated with watchfulness and fidelity in Christianity. More than any other fish, the dolphin has become a symbol of resurrection and salvation in Christian art.

Ermine is a tiny creature that symbolizes purity. The fox symbolizes cunning and deception and the Devil’s character. Frogs were one of the plagues that plagued the Israelites during the exodus, and they represented the disgusting characteristics of sin.

World Animal Sterling Silver Charms

World Animal Sterling Silver Charms