Sea Life Sterling Silver Charms


Sea Life Sterling Silver Charms

If you take inspiration from the sea when crafting, we have great news for you – has one of the best selections of sea life charms around, and we’re here to provide the variety that you need to make the best-looking sea life charm bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Just like the big blue, Xinar’s ever-growing inventory of sea life charms in 925 sterling silver is full of surprises. We’re not talking about generic starfish charms here – Xinar is home to extra unique charms like the hammerhead shark, angelfish, catfish, dolphin, flying fish, and more. There is an entire world of silver charms to discover in our online charms store, and we are also updating our collections regularly, so you have plenty of choices, and you can be as specific as you want when collecting new charms for your workbench. prides itself on having a long history of working closely with artists, crafters, and jewelry designers globally. We have been selling high-quality charms, beads, and findings for over twenty years now, and we also have selections of jewelry-making supplies in rose gold-filled, gold-filled, and genuine copper. We only sell authentic items at the best prices. Xinar also has the Best Price Guarantee, so you won’t have to haggle – you get the best price all day, every day – the entire year!

Xinar’s 925 sterling silver charms are also nickel-free and lead-free, and we can guarantee that our sterling silver beads, findings, and pendants will not cause allergies and itching. So if you want a secured shopping experience that’s fun and always wonderful, bookmark us today by hitting Ctrl + D.

Marine art, often known as nautical art, is a type of figurative art (painting, drawing, printmaking, and sculpture) that depicts or is inspired by the water. Maritime painting is a type of painting that represents ships and the sea, and it was popular since the seventeenth century. Ocean-inspired jewelry is part of the movement, and the waters will continue to inspire crafters indefinitely.

Where Did the Term “Sterling Silver” Come From?

The phrase sterling silver refers to any silver alloy with at least 92.5 percent pure silver.

One hypothesis is that the word sterling derives from the term Easterlings, which refers to coiners from east German nations imported to England during Henry II’s reign (1154–89) to improve coinage quality. However, small stars appear on sure Norman pennies. Therefore an Old English word sterling (“coin with a star”) is a more plausible etymology.

The term sterling was once used to indicate the standard weight or quality of English currency in a monetary sense. The pound sterling is still the United Kingdom’s central monetary unit. The roots of the pound sterling may be traced back to Anglo-Saxon times when a pound of silver was divided into 240 pennies. The alloy used to make these pennies were 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper.

Until 1920, when silver on English coinage was decreased to 500 parts per 1,000, this proportion remained the standard. Then, in 1946, the United Kingdom stopped using silver in its coins and replaced it entirely with copper and nickel. By this period, the value of silver had lost all ties to the British pound, as the country had switched to the gold standard in 1821.

Sea Life Sterling Silver Charms

Just like the big blue, Xinar's ever-growing inventory of sea life charms in 925 sterling silver is full of surprises.

Sea Life Sterling Silver Charms