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Sterling Silver Halloween Charms

Sterling Silver Halloween Charms

Let the spooky, chilly vibes of Halloween accompany you year-round with Xinar’s treasure trove of high-quality sterling silver Halloween bracelet charms. We offer you delightfully frightening Halloween jewelry charms of things that shriek, thump, and go bump at night.

Enjoy rare Halloween charms for jewelry making include classic favorites like the Jack-O-Lantern, the witch, bats, and skulls. Choose from our creepy collection of Horror charms too complete your bead project or look.

Whether you’re enhancing a supernatural look, designing a ghostly beading project, or preparing a spine-chilling Halloween look, our Halloween pendant charms are the perfect fetish you’ve been looking for. So give friends and family the gift of eerie mystery and create countless combinations for the most thoughtful presents ever, for the second most significant celebration in the country. 

Xinar’s spooky charms over the lore – from sterling silver cauldron charms to the Frankenstein monster charm, to Count Dracula rising from the grave.

Xinar’s Halloween Sterling Silver Charms are manufactured by one of the nation’s largest silver casters, boasting of the highest quality polish. In addition, our sterling silver charms undergo a unique, anti-tarnishing process that prolongs the appearance and spooky beauty of your new favorite fetishes.

Use these charms for creating high-quality charm bracelets, necklaces of all lengths, and other beading work. These charms are also ideal for making Halloween earrings and related items.

Halloween Charm Guide


The cauldron is a classic symbol of Halloween. It seethes and bubbles with the witch’s mysterious potions and concoctions—a timeless element of Halloween of the yesteryears and for years to come.


Irish in origin, Bram Stoker’s unforgettable villain Dracula makes a yearly reappearance during Halloween to remind people to lock their windows at night, and to never stare at a stranger’s eyes, lest they invite the unwanted into their homes – accidentally!

Frankenstein Monster

Bring home the terror of the Gothic monster created by Mary Shelley. Wear the gnashing and angry undead just in time for Halloween this year – or even after.


They say that ghosts are restless and sometimes hungry, and during Halloween, they come home to relive the good times with their still-breathing family and friends. But, hey, what was that over there? Spooky!


Inspired partly by Washington Irving’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, the spooky glow of the Jack-O-Lantern has been the subject of myths, stories, poems, and yes – spooky Halloween charms.


From wild screeching critters to creepy wolves with fiery eyes, add fangs to any beading combination for that extra thump of pure scary.


These innocent-looking mannequins are either that – or perhaps they’re something else? However, they do tend to stand very still and watch you as you walk by. Jeepers creepers!


Coffins are an unmistakable sign of Halloween, and coffin-shaped signs are believed to be portents of things to come. These charms bring just the right amount of spook to complete any look, whether they’re open or closed.


Skulls mean different things depending on the culture. While the West largely views skulls as sure signs of death and doom, some cultures view skulls as sources of life, power, and renewal. So don’t be afraid of skulls – they’re always more than what they appear to be.


Thanks to endless archeology and our limitless fascination with ancient Egyptian tombs, the mummy has mainly stayed at the surface of Halloween lore – everywhere. But, covered in cloth and rotting, where would the awakened mummy end up next? We know – on your necklace!


Like Frankenstein, the Wolfman makes a shocking appearance at Halloween to remind people that werewolves do exist. Xinar’s ghastly Wolfman sterling silver charm is perfect for horror movie buffs and fans who, of course, do not forget the original 1941 hit, “The Wolf Man.” 

Halloween Trick or Treat Bag

From the most popular Halloween ritual in America, the Halloween Trick or Treat Bag charm harks to the “Old Belsnickle” tradition in West Virginia, where small groups in masks visited homes with candles by their windows.

Wizard with Staff

Before J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, there was The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and author Frank L. Baum was one of the first literary wizards who gave us a taste of mystery and magic in a land far, far away. In addition, let’s not forget about the amazing and powerful Merlin.


Whether the witch is flying on a gnarled broom or holding a scary Jack-O-Lantern, sterling silver witch charms are a perfect accompaniment to any Halloween look, especially in jewelry for girls.

“A little beep, a little bop, cast a spell on them with Xinar’s Halloween charms!”


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