Barnyard & Domesticated Animal Sterling Silver Charms


Barnyard & Domesticated Animal Sterling Silver Charms

If you have been looking for high-quality animal charms for pet bracelets, barnyard jewelry, and other DIY jewelry crafts, you’ve come to the right place. is the home of the most extensive and most varied collection of 925 sterling silver charms, including various cute and unique animal charms for all kinds of projects.

Our silver charms are hypoallergenic, lead-free, and nickel-free and are designed to please the most discerning of tastes. Xinar’s online charms store features only the best designs sourced locally. All our silver animal charms are proudly made in the USA. We believe that you don’t have to look far to find the quality that you’ll love, and for years the silver manufacturers we have depended on were consistent in their commitment to producing only quality charm.

Support locally made silver charms, and you won’t regret it. Furthermore, our charms undergo a skillful lost wax casting process, which requires mastery and an eye for detail, as these charms are so small, yet they must possess all the elements that make them unique, balanced, and artful. Jewelry, after all, must be aesthetically pleasing and must look the part no matter what the subject of the charm is about.

Facts About Animal Charms and Animal Jewelry

Barnyard jewelry and pet bracelets are two of the many ways the natural world is integrated into jewelry design. Humans have always had a deep and intimate appreciation for nature, and we reaffirm this link whenever we add elements of nature like animals to our fashion and jewelry.

The representation of animals and jewelry has been around for centuries – the cute, modern charms that we see nowadays are extensions of man’s fascination with nature and what the natural world brings to life. Humans represented animals in jewelry craft and made use of byproducts from hunting animals to create the very first pieces of jewelry – and the idea took off in every imaginable culture that sprung from the world.

The ability to track the history of jewelry stems mainly from burying the dead with their most valuable clothes and jewels, which dates back to the earliest civilizations. In addition, paintings, sculptures, mosaics, and plastic and pictorial iconography provide ample evidence of the jewelry worn in various ages.

Prehistoric humans likely thought about body decoration before using anything that could be mistaken for clothing. For example, people who lived near the seashore used a variety of shells, fishbones, fish teeth, and colored pebbles to decorate themselves before precious metals were found.

Reindeer antlers, mammoth tusks, and all kinds of animal bones were used as ornaments. These natural materials, along with bird feathers, leather, and other animal skins, offered enough adornment after they had been changed from their natural state into many ornate shapes.

This era followed the transition from nomadic life to settled social order and the consequent formation of the most ancient civilizations. Most people settled near the banks of great rivers, making agriculture and animal husbandry easier to flourish. Indirectly, this led to mineral reserves, with gold and precious stones being the first to be discovered.

The subtle jewelry forms of prehistoric periods grew in number throughout time, eventually including ornaments for every body region. Earplugs, lip rings, earrings, combs, hairpins, tiaras, diadems were all available for the head. Necklaces, fibulae (old safety pins), breastplates, pectorals, watch fobs, and belts were all available for the neck and body. Rings, bracelets, armlets, bracelets, and rings were made for the arms and hands.

Barnyard & Domesticated Animal Sterling Silver Charms is the home of the most extensive and most varied collection of 925 sterling silver charms, including various cute and unique animal charms for all kinds of projects.

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Barnyard & Domesticated Animal Sterling Silver Charms