American Animal Sterling Silver Charms


American Animal Sterling Silver Charms

Shop from Xinar’s extensive library of American animal charms in 925 sterling silver. We offer cute, unique, and memorable animal charms for every imaginable project. Enrich your workbench with the highest quality jewelry-making supplies, from beads, findings, and charms. Xinar has been working with DIY crafters and jewelry designers for 20+ years – we have been selling on the internet since 1998.

Within this time, we’ve developed a keen sense of what our customers need, and we remain committed to giving customers the best quality findings, beads, and charms. So explore our online charms store today for charms related to animals found in America. And like the animal charms in this collection, you would be happy to know that our charms are locally sourced and are all made in the USA.

We believe in the superior craftsmanship and the time-intensive process our silver manufacturer uses to make these charms. Our charms are made through the lost wax casting process, a traditional casting method. Each silver animal charm goes through an immersive process, from creating the master to the final polishing. We are proud that our charms are of the highest quality, and whenever you bring home something from these collections, you support the artisans who work tirelessly to bring the most beautiful charms to life.

What Do Animals Represent in Culture?

Animals have long been revered in mythology and folklore. For example, the albatross is mentioned in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. In Greek mythology, the ants formed the Myrmidons, who followed Achilles.

In their patient stories, Native Americans used ants as a metaphor. The apes have been depicted in several Hollywood films. Apes were thought to be Moon God’s buddies by the Egyptians. Hindus adore Hanuman, the ape-God.

In the Middle East, the ass or donkey is respected for its water-carrying abilities. In the ancient Hindu Rig-Veda, the ass/donkey/mule is both malevolent and beloved. Native Americans hold badgers in high regard. According to Hopi folklore, before arriving on Planet Earth, a man’s forefathers dispatched the Badger Clan to assess the situation. Bats are described as shy and cunning in Greek mythology. Bats are mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey as souls of the deceased in the underworld. Bats were revered as a Mother Goddess by the Egyptians. The bear was revered across cultures, and the bear was depicted as God in many legendary tales from Japan, Iceland, Finland, and Siberia, among others.

In many cultures, the bull is a powerful symbol of strength.  Hares or rabbits were associated with Hecate in Greek mythology and were also believed to be Aphrodite’s favorite because of their sexual activity and fecundity. Most mythical tales feature raccoons as tricksters. Amon, the Egyptian God, was represented as a ram.

What about ghosts and spirits?

Reconnect with your inner self, and the solution may present itself. For example, you can look at animal images and choose the one that best appeals to you.

The spirit animal may appear to you in your dreams in some situations. You may even come across the animal in the most unlikely locations or places where you least expect to see it.

Domesticated animals, such as dogs, cats, cows, and other livestock, are usually not spirit animals because they are subordinate to humans. Instead, spirit animals are likely to be wild animals or animals rarely seen in towns. In addition, the spirit animal list includes mythical creatures such as dragons, unicorns, and phoenixes.

Where do you look for your animal totems? Nine animal totems guide every person physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Each of us has a totem animal who protects, guides, teaches, and communicates Wisdom via our hearts and souls.

They are our guardian angels, and they might be domestic animals or animals from the wild. Birds, reptiles, and insects are examples.

Your totem animal leads you on the path to spiritual enlightenment in the East. Your southern totem animal guards your paths, while your western totem animal aids you in discovering the Truth and receiving Inner solutions.

Your Northern totem animal teaches you when to keep silent and when to speak, assisting you in becoming more silent and balanced. The Upper totem animal connects you to your angels and spirit guides, as well as the Upper realm.

The Lowest totem animal keeps you grounded by connecting you to Mother Earth and the lower worlds. Your right-hand totem animal represents your manly side, as well as your warrior spirit or guardian.

Similarly, the totem animal on your left side represents your nurturing side. This planet will be healed if every one of us learns to connect with our spirit animals and be good stewards of Mother Earth and the environment.

American Animal Sterling Silver Charms

American Animal Sterling Silver Charms