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Stardust Gold-Filled Beads


Stardust Gold-Filled Beads

Xinar is proudly the home of a variety of gold-filled beads for your jewelry-making and crafting needs. So whether you are a beginning jewelry designer or someone who has designed innumerable gold-filled jewelry in the past, we have what you need.

Choose your favorite gold-filled beads from our inventory of round stardust accent beads, among others in Xinar’s collection. Shop with bargain prices year-round, and watch out for our special promotions where you can save even more. Xinar has been selling high-quality gold-filled beads and findings for more than two decades, and we love supporting the artistic vision of jewelry makers, crafters, and artists everywhere.

What are Stardust Accent Beads?

Gold-filled stardust beads are an example of accent or secondary elements in jewelry design. The purpose of secondary elements is to heighten the primary elements’ beauty and complete the overall design. Secondary or accent elements are just as essential as the primary elements, and some types of accent beads, like gold-filled beads, can be used as the primary or focus elements in jewelry design, too.

Secondary elements in jewelry design provide crucial contrast, thereby improving the visibility of the primary factors. You may be thinking that every bead must be super striking or dramatic, in a sense. This is not always true. Many accent beads are simple in design yet remain striking once they are added to jewelry. In the case of stardust beads, metalsmiths use shavings to create a textured finish on the beads. Stardust finishes occur across different metal bead types, including gold-filled beads. You will also find stardust finishes on other kinds of jewelry like rings and earrings.

Xinar’s Guarantee

Xinar is one of the internet’s most reliable places to buy gold-filled beads and findings. Generations of jewelers and crafters are delighted with our extensive inventory because we don’t misrepresent the items that we sell. You might be thinking: well, aren’t all jewelry-making supplies identical? In an ideal world, you might say that you should find items of equal quality among resellers or retailers. However, that is not the case for gold-filled beads and findings.

Some retailers of gold-filled items aren’t genuinely holding up their end of the bargain. Instead, they misname their items, so electroplated and gold-plated items become gold-filled items. This doesn’t seem much to the uninitiated because all these terms refer to the same thing, right? Unfortunately, no, these types of gold-containing items are entirely different from one another. For example, gold-filled jewelry and jewelry supplies have a much thicker gold layer mechanically bonded on top of the jeweler’s brass.

The FTC is also strict in defining different what gold-filled is. Unless the manufacturer or retailer adheres to the physical guidelines of gold-filling, then the item is not genuinely gold-filled.

Xinar guarantees that all our stardust accent beads are gold-filled, and our manufacturer also uses a proprietary gold-bonding process that atomically bonds gold to its alloy, making the final product more durable in the long term. So enjoy shiny and lustrous gold-filled beads only here at Xinar.

Round Stardust Accent Beads

Round Stardust Accent Beads