Specialty Sterling Silver Beads


Specialty Sterling Silver Beads

Xinar’s sterling silver specialty beads will bring out the best in each of your creations. We offer large hole round spacer beads, hammered round accent beads, super round disc beads, and flat disc beads – all bearing the same purity and quality that you can expect from Xinar’s extensive inventory of beads and findings.

Xinar’s sterling silver beads are nickel-free and hypoallergenic. None of our beads and findings have even 1% nickel, as it is mandated by US law that manufacturers alloy only copper with silver when smithing sterling silver. Therefore, your skin (as well as your customers’ skins) will be safe with us. Be wary of stores that say they offer 925 sterling silver but are selling silver-plated items.

Sterling Silver Round Large-Hole Beads

Make personalized jewelry with large-hole beads. Large-hole beads from Xinar allow you to make bespoke jewelry that expresses your personality and commemorates special events beautifully, in silver.

Sterling Silver Hammered Round Accent Beads

When manufacturing sterling silver beads, hammering is sometimes done to distress the metal slightly to create an aesthetic effect. The effect can be flattened, wavy or bent, depending on the specifications of the manufacturer.

Sterling Silver Flat Disc Beads

Because of their flat shape, these beads are easy to work with and maybe utilized as an accent or spacer bead in almost any jewelry or crafting project.

Getting Started with Beading?

Even the most experienced jewelers find it impossible to create high-quality items with low-quality tools. While you may be inclined to improvise using equipment from your household toolbox that “kind of” suit the bill at first, invest in the right gear can help you produce superior work from the start.

The investment of high-quality tools pays for itself many times over. Purchasing specialty tools may appear to be an investment at first, but well-made and designed instruments outlast their less expensive counterparts, and you will need to replace high-quality tools far less frequently.

Having the appropriate beading materials is essential but choosing the suitable beads is still one of the most enjoyable aspects of learning to make jewelry and developing your style! While pre-assembled bead kits are handy, they are not necessarily the most cost-effective option unless you enjoy and intend to utilize all the beads in the kit.

Other jewelry artists’ inventive and elaborate works may have inspired you to start crafting jewelry. As a beginner, though, it is essential to start small.

There are many free project lessons available online for people just starting up in the jewelry-making industry. Starting modestly will allow you to develop your skill set and skills gradually, and you will be able to create the stunning items that piqued your interest in jewelry.

Before buying, it’s a good idea to research and learn the terminology used in the jewelry industry.

Knowing the diverse purposes of various materials will help you determine what you need for a project and save you time and resources by avoiding exchanges and returns. Knowing the local lingo will also assist you in marketing your work if you wish to sell it.

Specialty Beads

Sterling Silver Specialty Beads for Jewelry Design & Beading Projects. Including Flat Disc beads, Hammer round beads, and large hole round beads.

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