Wizards Charm Sterling Silver


This Wizard charm is ready to cast his majick spell as soon as he arrives. This Sterling Silver three-dimensional casting is 5/8″ x 1  1/8″ & 6.2 grams. Allow this charm to assist you in becoming the best you can be!


Xinar’s sterling silver wizard charm is a fitting addition to your bracelet edit this coming Halloween. Bring the power and might of the sorcerer to your charms collection, and make your fantasy-themed creations stand out from the crowd. This is a three-dimensional silver charm that has fine details from back to front.

People who are believed to have magical abilities or command otherworldly forces are known as witches and wizards. They feature in many cultures’ mythologies and folktales. Although male witches exist in various religions, the term “witch” typically refers to a female. Wizards and warlocks are terms used to describe men who possess witchcraft-related abilities.

Witches are depicted as malevolent, dishonest, or harmful in numerous myths and stories. They are not entirely human in some cultures. Witches may be possessed by demons or evil spirits intent on harming humanity if they are not naturally evil.


Metal Purity: .925 Sterling Silver
Size: 5/8” × 1 1/8”
Weight: 6.2 grams
Style: 3D
Metal: Cadmium-, nickel-, and lead-free
Attachment: With jump ring

wizards charm measurments

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