Witch Hat Charm Sterling Silver Xinar.com


This a Sterling Silver Witch Hat Charm. A wonderful addition to that fantasy-themed jewelry. The highest quality casting, made in the USA, 5/8″ x 3/4″, 3-D charm. Feedback received on this charm includes beautiful quality, well detailed, fantastic detail & workmanship.


This is one hat that doesn’t sway to boisterous winds during the flight!

Xinar’s sterling silver witch hat charm is perfectly pointy and witchy, and adds a touch of scary to any Halloween project. Manufactured by one of the best silver casters in the US, this three-dimensional Halloween charm is suitable for different jewelry projects.

Like all cultural and historical symbols, the tall, conical witch hat has seen several iterations of meaning over the years. The witch’s hat isn’t just about witches – it also came to symbolize liberty, otherness, and wisdom. In darker iterations, the witch’s hat was also used to symbolize instances of exclusion and fear.

One of the earliest instances of this headwear was discovered in rather well-preserved mummies. The mummies are thought to be 4000 years old. They were unearthed in China. These ancient mummies were called the “Witches of Subeshi.” They wore black, conical hats made with felt. It was believed that they were employed in falconry, as one of the Subeshi Witches wore a thick leather glove on one hand.

The conical hats are now primarily linked with Western witches and the Samhain or Halloween festivities. While there are numerous ideas about the origins of these pointy hats, it is apparent that they were designed to set the wearer distinct and make them stand out for whatever cause.


METAL PURITY – 925 Sterling Silver
SIZE – 5/8″ x 3/4″
WEIGHT – 3.4 grams
METAL – Nickel & Lead-Free
ATTACHMENT – Jump Ring Included

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