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Turkey, Sterling silver casting made in the USA, 1/2″ x 5/8″, 3-D casting. Add to your Holiday bracelets or a wonderful Thanksgiving gift.
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This is a classic silver Turkey Charm for Thanksgiving and barnyard-themed jewelry designs. Xinar’s Turkey Charm is a three-dimensional silver casting with a jump ring included. Measures ½” x 5/8″, just the right size for bracelet edits and necklaces. Xinar offers a wide variety of sterling silver charms for all occasions, be sure to check out our other holiday charms for all your jewelry-making needs. This is a genuine 925 sterling silver turkey charm that is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic and nickel-free.

It is usually considered that today’s Thanksgiving menu evolved from an event known as the “first Thanksgiving.” However, in late 1621, there is evidence of a dinner shared by Pilgrim settlers and Wampanoag people at Plymouth colony (which is now called Massachusetts).

The Wampanoag brought deer for meat, while the Pilgrims provided wild “fowl.” That “bird” could have been turkeys, indigenous to the area, but historians believe it was also likely ducks or geese. So it could have been a mix of different fowls during that time.

Giving thanks for the autumn harvest was not a novel concept for the Pilgrims. “Days of thanksgiving” were persistent among New England colonists, as a practice having roots in European harvest festivals and Christian religious observances. In addition, communities maintained their own unofficial Thanksgiving festivities throughout America’s colonial history, although few people identified them with the Plymouth Pilgrims.



• Purity – 925 Silver Charm
• Size 1/2″ x 5/8″
• Weight 2.7 grams
• 3 D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

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