Sterling Silver Wedding Vase Charm


The Sterling Silver Wedding Vase Charm is a beautiful piece of jewelry that adds meaning and elegance to any wedding ensemble. This charm is inspired by Native American wedding traditions and features a 3D wedding vase design.



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Celebrate the beauty and enduring love of marriage with this exquisite Sterling Silver Wedding Vase Charm. This handcrafted charm, featuring a delicate wedding vase design, embodies the elegance and tradition of a wedding ceremony, the cherished memories of a special day, and the enduring symbol of a couple’s love and commitment. Its timeless elegance and versatility make it a meaningful addition to any jewelry collection, adding a touch of romantic charm, personal expression, and appreciation for the significance of wedding vases to your everyday style.


Wedding vases, often adorned with intricate designs and symbolic motifs, have long held a special place in wedding traditions, representing the unity of two individuals, the blossoming of a new family, and the hope for a lifetime of happiness and prosperity together. The vase itself symbolizes the home they will create together, a place filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.


Wedding vases have been incorporated into wedding ceremonies for centuries, their origins traced back to ancient civilizations. The exchange of vases as gifts between families signified the joining of two households and the establishment of a new family unit. Over time, wedding vases evolved into elaborate decorative pieces, often adorned with floral arrangements, symbolic engravings, and personal touches, reflecting the unique bond between the bride and groom.



Sterling Silver Wedding Vase Charm with Sterling Silver Jump Ring

925 Sterling Silver

Charm & Theme
Wedding Vase Charm
Southwestern Jewelry

Size & Weight:
1/2″ x 1/2″
2.8 grams


Wedding Vase Charm

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