Red & Blue Christmas Lights Charm Sterling Silver Enameled


Red & Blue Christmas Lights Charms, Sterling Silver 1/4″ x 1/2″, 3-D casting. A fun addition to a Christmas Charm Bracelet or Jewelry Collection.

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Christmas lights are just one of the most highly recognizable symbols of the modern celebration of Christmas. So bring that joy and wonder to your Christmas jewelry with’s Red & Blue Christmas Lights Charm in 925 sterling silver. This is a three-dimensional (3D) silver casting by one of the best silver manufacturers in the country. It measures ¼” x ½” and is just the perfect size for creative bracelet edits, necklaces, and other kinds of holiday-inspired jewelry.

Complete the holiday look this season with Xinar’s extensive lineup of sterling silver charms for every occasion and need. Xinar has been offering seasoned and beginning DIY crafters and jewelry makers high-quality beads, findings, and charms since the 1990s.

Our genuine sterling silver charms are nickel-free and lead-free as per FTC standards, and you won’t have to look elsewhere for your jewelry-making needs because we have you covered: our jewelry-making catalog is second to none. So, if you like US-made jewelry-making supplies, we have you covered.

What’s the History of Christmas Lights? 

Imagine fumbling about trying to tie a myriad of burning candles to a tree using melted wax or pins if you thought stringing popcorn for hours was boring. Instead, those who want to keep their holiday spirits high should keep a pail of water or sand beside them.

A few former innovators attempted to figure out the safest way to do this, including clip-on candleholders with a tin cup attached to capture the melted wax. Nevertheless, candles remained a Christmas mainstay far into the early twentieth century, despite the dangers of mixing open flame with drying trees.

Shortly after a photograph of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert gathered around a lit Christmas tree with their children appeared in the Illustrated London News, British society embraced the practice. Then, surprisingly, in 1850, a changed image of the Royal Christmas appeared in the prestigious Godey’s Lady’s Book. It acquired fame in the United States as the first “influential American Christmas tree,” omitting such elements as the Queen’s tiara and Prince Albert’s mustache.

Thomas Edison may have invented the incandescent light bulb, but he did not create the electric Christmas tree. Instead, Edison had abandoned the tree in favor of stringing lights around his Menlo Park laboratory hoping to get a contract for powering Manhattan.

Meanwhile, Edison’s Electric Light Company vice president Edward H. Johnson decorated his tree with 80 specially produced red, white, and blue bulbs, which he exhibited in his Fifth Avenue home’s window. Unfortunately, the local press unnoticed the event, but the festive lights were featured in a Detroit publication. That was all it took for the inventor to be called the “Father of the Electric Christmas Tree.”

The public did not believe electric lights as a safe substitute for candles until President Grover Cleveland displayed the first electrically illuminated White House Christmas tree. The brightly lit tree caught America’s attention with more than 100 multicolored bulbs, and decorated Christmas trees quickly became all the rage—if you could afford one, that is. Unfortunately, the expense of hiring a generator and engaging a “wireman” to light up your tree was astronomical: $300, which is roughly $2000 now. As a result, the electrically lit tree became a famous sight at high-society holiday gatherings.

After a fatal New York City fire caused by Christmas tree candles, Albert Sadacca, a teen, decided to reuse the white novelty lights his family created, swapping them over to colorful bulbs and inventing the first Christmas lights that could be used safely in the home. Albert continued to dominate the Christmas light business, eventually establishing the NOMA Electric Company (National Outfit Maker’s Association) in 1925, which grew to become the world’s largest manufacturer of modern Christmas lights in that era.



• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• 1/4 x 1/2″
• 2.8 grams
• 3-D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

Red & Blue Christmas Lights size

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