Sterling Silver Nica Dangle Earrings #116 Far Fetched Imports Retired Jewelry


Nica collection earrings from Far Fetched Imports. Handcrafted Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings with Turquoise and Adventure accent beads, Unique patterns and designs.

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Nica Dangle Earrings #116

Nica Dangle Earrings from Far Fetched Imports are made from silver sheet stock that is bend and formed creating geometric patterns and textures.

Made from Sterling Silver to create beautiful and unique dangle earrings, semi-precious gemstones for accent.

nica dangle earrings measurements

 METAL- Sterling Silver
 ACCENTS Turquoise & Adventurine
 SIZE – 5/8″ x 1″
 WEIGHT of 4.5 grams per pair
 DANGLE 1″ from ear wires
 EAR WIRES -20 Gauge Sterling Silver  
 METAL PURITY – Nickel and Lead-Free

About the Products

Nica Dangle Earrings, created in a cottage industry in Taxco, Mexico. Crafted from Sterling Silver earrings begin as sheet stock.

Cut, shaped & formed using metalsmithing techniques passed down for generations.

“a little different like you.”

Fans of Far Fetched looking to replace a design

you lost or miss out on, or someone not familiar with this jewelry. I am sure

you will enjoy viewing the different designs available. Designs discontinued

items from excess inventory. Made with the “hand head & heart” and

guaranteed to be “a little different like you”!!


 About the Company

Far Fetched aspires to create upbeat, heartfelt, and inspiring jewelry rich in culture, using natural materials, conscientious business practices, and fair-trade principles.

We intend to be a positive influence in the world!!

Looking for a particular design from Far Fetched Imports??? Please do not hesitate to contact

us. This site has only a sampling of the Far Fetched inventory we have.

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