Mouse with Nutcracker Charm Sterling Silver


Mouse with Nutcracker Charm, Sterling Silver 5/8″ x 7/8″, 3-D casting. Excellent addition to a Christmas Bracelet or Necklace

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Suppose you’re in the mood for light and funny Christmas charms. In that case, we highly recommend this Mouse with Nutcracker charm – a perfect addition to any holiday jewelry design or Christmas bracelet edit! This sterling silver charm measures 5/8″ x 7/8″ and is a three-dimensional casting from one of the best US silver casters. The mouse stands balanced while holding up the classic nutcracker. Hypoallergenic and free of lead and nickel, too. If you are tired of charms that cause rashes and itching, you need unique treats that are not just pretty and well-detailed, but are also guaranteed to be genuinely nickel-free as per FTC standards.  

What Does the Mouse Symbolize in Christmas?

Christmas brings countless beings and animals to the fold, and somewhere out there, there is a Christmas animal that you didn’t expect, such as the mouse. However, the expression “as poor as a mouse” meant that the actual mouse would eventually be added to Christmas narratives to emphasize charity and awareness of the less fortunate.

The Musevisa is a viral Christmas song in Norway (The Mouse Song). The words were penned by Alf Prysen way back in 1946. The melody is based on a popular Norwegian folk song. It depicts the narrative of a family of mice getting ready for Christmas, with the Mother and Father mice admonishing their children to avoid mouse traps! It gained a lot of popularity quickly and is still going strong in Norway.

An extra verse (with a cat!) was thought to have been unearthed in 2008. This, however, was a fake verse perpetrated by Ivar Kalleberg, a Norwegian photographer. Nevertheless, the majority of people felt this was amusing, and Alf Prysen would have enjoyed the prank!


• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• Size 5/8″ x 7/8″
• Weight 4.3 grams
• 3-D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

Mouse with Nutcracker Charm

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Sterling Silver 3-D Mouse with Nutcracker Charm For Earrings or Bracelets


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