Leprechaun on Mushroom Charm Sterling Silver


This a Sterling Silver Leprechaun on Mushroom Charm. A wonderful addition to that fantasy-themed jewelry. The highest quality casting, made in the USA, 3/8″ x 13/16″, 3-D charm. Feedback received on this charm includes beautiful quality, well detailed, fantastic detail & workmanship.

Let your creativity shine with Xinar’s sterling silver charms! Xinar’s Leprechaun on Mushroom charm is a 3D-casted charm measuring 3/8″ x 13/16″. Customers who have purchased this charm say it has the best detailing, fantastic craftsmanship, and a beautiful charm fitting for any design.

We love making our customers happy, so Xinar has been working tirelessly for over twenty years to provide only the best jewelry-making supplies to our customers. If you need hypoallergenic and nickel-free silver charms, you’ve found the right places.

Our silver manufacturers adhere carefully to the law and FTC’s guidelines on 925 sterling silver, so our charms are always free of this potential allergen. As a result, anyone who wears your jewelry won’t experience rashes and itching. So bookmark us today by pressing Ctrl + D if you want only the best charms, beads, and findings; bookmark us today by pressing Ctrl + D.

What Are The Symbols of the Leprechaun?

The Leprechaun’s Pot O’ Gold

The famed pot of gold is an integral part of the leprechaun legend. They are well-known for possessing and hoarding their prized pots, which they usually hide at the end of a rainbow. Unfortunately, this means that people must catch them to discover this fortune, as the end of this natural event is impossible to pinpoint.

Symbols of Good Fortune

According to the legend of the leprechaun, trapping these small critters will bring you good luck as well as three wishes. As a result, they’ve become associated with “Irish luck,” which is one of the reasons they’re still so popular today.

They’re Tricksters!

Many people seeking riches also want to get their hands on their gold, but beware: these small men are notorious for being con artists. Humans are supposed to be deceived by them, and they serve as a warning against greed. Some even say that they hide their money to attract naïve victims and that when they give their captors three wishes, they often lead them astray.

Sounds and Sights

Keep an ear out as they may often be heard tapping their tiny cobbler hammer in the distance, signaling that they are approaching. They’re also known for dancing to traditional Irish music and even playing instruments while executing a short jig.


METAL PURITY – 925 Sterling Silver
SIZE – 3/8″ x 13/16″
WEIGHT – 4.9 grams
METAL – Nickel & Lead-Free
ATTACHMENT – Jump Ring Included

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