Heart Dangle Earrings Vintage Far Fetched Jewelry


Heart Dangle Earrings from Far Fetched Imports. Unique and fun jewelry from the 1990s. Handcrafted, Mixed metal earrings

Heart Dangle Earrings Vintage earrings from the1990s. These are first edition biscuit Metal Mosaics collection earrings. Mixed metal, of Sterling Silver with Garnet Accent Beads These earrings, originated as sheet stock. Hand-cut, shaped, solder, and polished. Note the use of copper & brass metal. Imagine the difficulty of soldering Three metals that melt at different temperatures to create something this unique. Sterling silver ear wires. This is one of the earlier designs of Far Fetched Imports, I am not positive of birthdate, the best guess would be the late-1990s.


Artesian jewelry of distinctive quality, craftsmanship, and material
Specifications include
• Purity 925 Silver, Garnet
• Hand formed, soldered & polished
• Measure 3/4″ from the bottom of ear wires
• Weight of one earring 1.3 grams
• Garnet accent beads
• 20.5 gauge ear wire of Sterling Silver
• Metal Mosaics Collection
• Lead & Nickle-free

Heart Dangle Earrings size

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