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Happy New Year Top Hat Charm. Detailed sterling silver charm, made in the USA, 1/2″ x 9/16″, 3-D casting. A great charm for holidays.
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Inspired by the revelry of New Years’ Eve, Xinar.com brings to you our best Happy New Year Top Hat Charm yet! This cute and well-detailed pendant is a three-dimensional (3D) casting made by one of the best manufacturers in the USA. Yes, Xinar’s sterling silver charms are domestically sourced, and we believe that if you’re looking for high-quality silver charms, it’s best to stick to local.

All our special occasion charms are also guaranteed to be free of common allergens like nickel and lead. If you have been looking for treats that don’t have any nickel in them as per FTC standards, shop from our inventory of sterling silver charms today. If you need help finding beads, findings, and charms, email us, and we will assist you so you can finally complete your design.

What is the History of the New Year?

For at least four millennia, civilizations worldwide have commemorated the beginning of each new year. Most New Year’s celebrations now begin on December 31 (New Year’s Eve), the Gregorian calendar’s last day, and extend until the early hours of January 1 (New Year’s Day). Attending celebrations and parties, eating unique dishes made for the New Year, making New Year’s goals, and viewing fireworks displays are popular customs.

The first known celebrations in honor of the start of a new year extend back 4,000 years to ancient Babylon. The first new moon after the vernal equinox—a day in late March with an equal quantity of sunlight and darkness—marked the beginning of a new year for the Babylonians. They commemorated the occasion with a significant religious celebration known as Akitu (derived from the Sumerian word for spring-cut barley), which featured a different ritual every day for 11 days. Aside from the new year, Atiku commemorated the fabled victory of the Babylonian sky deity Marduk over the evil Tiamat and served a political function: it was during this time that a new king was anointed or the incumbent ruler’s divine mandate was symbolically renewed.

Civilizations worldwide evolved increasingly sophisticated calendars throughout antiquity, usually anchoring the beginning day of the year to an agricultural or astronomical event. The yearly flooding that occurred in the Nile, for example, began the year in Egypt, coinciding with the rising of the star Sirius. Meanwhile, the second new moon following the winter solstice coincided with the first day of the Chinese new year.



• Purity – 925 Silver Charm
• Size – 1/2″ x 9/16″
• Weight – 3.5 grams
• 3-D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included


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