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Gold Filled Crimp Cover Beads for Beading 2.5mm

• Purity-12/20
• Size 2.5 mm
• .078 Gap
• Mirror Polish




Gold-Filled Crimp Cover Beads for that professional finish to your jewelry or beading designs


• Metal Purity- 12/20 Gold Fill

• BEAD SIZE- 2.5mm

• GAP SIZE-.078

• FINISH-Mirror Polished

• METAL QUALITY-Nickel & Lead-Free   

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• Proprietary bonding process to bonds gold to jewelers brass creating beads that will not flake, chip, or tarnish. 

• Gold-Filled Crimp Cover Beads give the same appearance as high carat gold

• Raw stock assayed to ensure beads meet or exceed the requirements of 14/20 Gold Filled.

• Multi-stage finishing process produces mirror-finished, clean beads

• Gold-filled items are 5 to 10 times thicker than that produced by regular plating and 15 to 25 times thicker than that produced by gold electroplate

All beads & findings are made to exact standards using advanced technology and to the lowest possible costs.

We believe a shinier higher quality bead will be hard to find at this value.


What gold-fill is not.

Gold Filled is not a plated item.  Electroplating is a process using an electric current to form a thin metal

coating on a bead, charm.  Its primary use is to merely change the surface of a metal. It will also polish off over time.

Gold-filled uses gold of various karat purity and jewelers’ brass.  A thin layer of gold

is “bonded” to the brass.  I understand that there are several ways of accomplishing this, the most common being a rolled-pressure process.

The Gold-filled beads we handle use a unique proprietary process that “bonds” the gold so they will not chip, flake, or tarnish.

Something common in the Gold filled industry.

High-quality gold-filled will have the same appearance as high carat gold will wear like

real gold fill and is 15-25 times thicker than electroplated items.

The FTC requires items stamped as gold-filled must have at least 5% of the weight of the item be gold.




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