Girl Decorating a Tree Charm Sterling Silver


Girl Decorating a Tree Charm. Detailed sterling silver charm, made in the USA, 5/8″ x 3/4″, 3-D casting. A great charm for Christmas.
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Craft majestic necklaces, bracelets, and other holiday-themed creations with Xinar’s Girl Decorating a Tree Charm. This is a 925 sterling silver Christmas charm made in the USA. Enjoy the depth and exactness of details in this unique silver charm measuring 5/8″ x ¾.” This is a three-dimensional (3D) casting that will provide exceptional beauty as one of the focus pieces in your jewelry creation or crafting project.

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How Did Christmas Trees Begin?

The symbolic and historically-significant use of evergreens in ancient Egypt and Rome predates Christmas trees. However, the German practice of lighting Christmas trees was first carried to America in the 1800s. From the earliest winter solstice rituals until Queen Victoria’s reign, learn about the history of the Christmas tree.

Even before Christianity, trees and all manner of plants that remained green all year had a special importance for humans in the winter. During the holiday season, people adorn their homes with pine, spruce, and fir trees, but ancient peoples hung evergreen boughs over their doorways and windows. In many countries, evergreens were supposed to keep off witches, ghosts, evil spirits, and sickness.

The ancient civilizations held the belief that the sun was a deity, and that winter occurred because the sun god was sick and feeble.They rejoiced at the solstice because it signaled the beginning of the sun god’s recovery. It is said that evergreen boughs reminded the people of the green vegetation that would reappear once the sun god was powerful once again, which made summer possible.

Ra, a god who appeared with the menacing head and the blazing sun as a burning disk on his crown, was worshipped in Ancient Egypt. During the solstice, the ancient Egyptians decked their abodes with green palm rushes when Ra recovered from his illness, symbolizing the triumph of life over death.

In honor of Saturn, the early Romans celebrated the solstice with a feast known as Saturnalia. The solstice signaled that orchards and farms would soon be green and fruitful. So the Romans decked their homes and temples with evergreen boughs to commemorate the event.

The enigmatic Druids, the ancient Celts’ priests, also used evergreen boughs to decorate their temples in Northern Europe to signify the perpetual nature of life. Evergreens were regarded as a sacred plant of the sun deity Balder by the terrible Vikings of Scandinavia.


• Purity – 925 Silver Charm
• Size – 5/8″ x 3/4″
• Weight – 4.8 grams
• 3-D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included


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