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Enameled Christmas Tree Charm, Sterling Silver 3/4″ x 3/4″, Flat backcasting. A wonderful addition to a Holiday Bracelet or Jewelry Collection.

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Enhance your crafts and Christmas creations with Xinar’s sterling silver Christmas charms. Our holiday charms are guaranteed nickel-free and lead-free and are also highly detailed, balanced, and perfect for different designs. For example, this Enameled Christmas Tree charm is a flat-back casting that measures ¾” x ¾.” This is the ideal size for many types of jewelry, including vintage earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Do you want to make awesome beaded bracelets for friends and families? The iconic ones begin here at Xinar.com. Xinar has been selling quality jewelry-making supplies on the internet since the 1990s, and we are committed to bringing you the best beads, findings, and sterling silver charms this year and beyond. So please reach out to us if you need help finding something to complete your best jewelry designs.

What’s the Story of the Christmas Tree?

Christmas would be inconceivable for many people without a lovely evergreen fir in the living room, adorned with sparkling ornaments and wrapped presents. Like most Christmas traditions, the origins of the Christmas tree, including the celebration, can be traced back to pagan practices. In truth, decorated fir trees might have remained an obscure custom practiced by only a few Germanic and Slavic countries if it hadn’t been for Queen Victoria, the most powerful queen of her day.

To mark the Winter Solstice, inhabitants in the Northern Hemisphere decked their homes, especially their doorways, with evergreen greenery even before Christianity. The period is traditionally seen as the return in strength of the omnipotent sun god. The sun god was seen as having been weakened during the winter — and the evergreen plants served as a reminder that the deity would glow again and summer was on the way — the evergreen plants served as a reminder that the god would glow again and summer was on the way. The Egyptians commemorated the solstice by decorating their homes with green palm rushes to honor the significant deity Ra, who wore the blazing ball of the sun as a crown, with a matching hawk head, to boot. On the other hand, the Northern European Celts liked to adorn their temples with boughs, which symbolized eternal life.

Evergreens were supposed to be the vegetation of Balder, the deity of light and calm, by the Vikings further north. The ancient Romans celebrated the Winter Solstice with a feast called Saturnalia in honor of Saturn, the god of agriculture, and decked their homes and temples with evergreen boughs, just like the Celts.

At this time, it’s worth noting that Saturnalia was the most important Roman holiday. Between December 17-25, there was a week-long lawless celebration during which no one could be arrested for injuring or killing people, raping, theft, or anything else that would generally be illegal. Although many individuals took advantage of the lawlessness to vent their frustrations, Saturnalia may also be a time for generosity. Many Romans celebrated Saturnalia by making merry and exchanging gifts.


• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• Size 5/8″ x 1-1/16″
• Weight 2.2 Grams
• Flat-back
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

Enameled Christmas Tree Charm size

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