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Enamel Cornucopia Charm, Sterling Silver 3/4″ x 1/2″, Flat backcasting. A great addition to a Holiday Bracelet or Necklace.

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Xinar.com’s Enamel Cornucopia Charm brings color and warmth to any Thanksgiving or holiday-themed jewelry or crafting project. This flat-back casting measures ¾” by ½” and has three colors on top of a genuine sterling silver body. Add glam and elegance to your Thanksgiving or food-themed jewelry designs or crafts with our silver Cornucopia charm and other Christmas-themed charms in our extensive jewelry-making catalog. Whether you are seasoned or a complete beginner in making DIY sterling silver bracelets and necklaces, there’s something for everyone at Xinar.com. Xinar has been selling high-quality beads and findings and other jewelry-making supplies on the internet since the 1990s. Bookmark our page today to get jewelry-making supplies at bargain prices year-round.

What is the History of the Cornucopia?

It’s time to refresh your Thanksgiving knowledge! On November 25, wow your visitors with your mastery of the cornucopia, everyone’s favorite centerpiece. You’ve probably seen a cornucopia before—one of those hollow, horn-shaped baskets that seem to pop up everywhere in late November. You might even be filling one with flowers and gourds for your Thanksgiving centerpiece as you read this, creating a beautiful scene for your family and friends. Cornucopias and Thanksgiving, after all, go together like pumpkin spice and the pie. It’s only natural, we believe.

The cornucopia was frequently shown as a symbolic accessory carried by deities such as Hercules, Demeter, and Fortuna. It was initially depicted as an animal “horn” stolen from Zeus’ goat nanny, Amalthea. Baby Zeus was being nurtured by Amalthea when her horn was broken off, which began to exude a steady supply of nourishment for him. This is how the “horn of plenty” came to represent prosperity, wealth, and abundance in the first place.

Christians also appropriated the pagan symbol, frequently used in European harvest festivals to commemorate lush, plentiful crops. It was also employed in church decorations, currency, and coats of arms.

Thanksgiving has always been a celebration of the harvest, and it’s always taken place in the fall—so it’s only natural that the cornucopia, which traditionally reflects all of those things, should be included on holiday. Beyond that, it’s unclear when or why the horn became associated with Thanksgiving in the United States. Historians have speculated for years that it was a homage to ancient European harvest festivities, but that had to happen after the first Thanksgiving. There’s no record of a cornucopia showing up there.


• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• Size 3/4″ x 1/2″
• Weight 2.7 Grams
• Flat-back
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

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