Sterling Silver Donut Beads 4.4mm


Sterling Silver Donut Beads 4.4mm These beads are appropriate for threading into chunky or thick cords, great beads to create chockers and other necklaces

These 4.4  mm donut beads of made of 925 silver, fired test to ensure metal quality
Beads go through a precise manufacturing process. The result is an exact hole size and superior shape. Made from heavier stock, eliminates any concerns about beads arriving chipped or bent.
Each bead is identical (or they have minimal variation). Silver donut beads are disc-shaped or round silver beads that have a broad central hole. A great design for chokers & necklaces


• Metal Purity- .925 Sterling Silver
• BEAD SIZE-4.4 mm x 3.4 mm
• HOLE SIZE-.061
• FINISH-Mirror Polished
• METAL QUALITY-Nickel & Lead-Free

Donut Beads 4.4mm

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