Decorated Christmas Tree Charm Sterling Silver


Decorated Christmas Tree Charm, Sterling Silver 1/2″ x 1″, flat casting. Excellent charm for a Christmas Bracelet or Necklace

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What other symbol encompasses the spirit of the holidays than the Christmas tree? Today, add Xinar’s sterling silver Christmas charm, the Decorated Christmas Tree Charm, to your holiday-themed jewelry. If you love adding special and unique treats to your bracelet edits and other DIY crafts, you’ll love Xinar’s Christmas charms.

Our holiday charms are also guaranteed to be lead-free and nickel-free, best for people who need hypoallergenic silver jewelry. Xinar has been selling high-quality beads and findings since 1998, and we’d love to hear from you! Click “Contact Us” if you can’t find what you need or if you want to share your story of crafting or jewelry-making with us!

How Did the Christmas Tree Symbolize the Holidays?

The festive season’s centerpiece is a Christmas tree decked out in decorations and lights.

For thousands of years, long before Christianity, evergreen trees and plants were used to celebrate winter celebrations. During the winter solstice, Pagans in Europe utilized evergreen fir tree branches to decorate their dwellings and lift their spirits. Early Romans used evergreens to decorate sacred places during the Saturnalia holiday, while ancient Egyptians worshiped the god Ra with green palm rushes.

An evergreen into the house symbolizes fertility and new life amid winter’s darkness, akin to pagan concepts. That’s also where the holly, ivy, and mistletoe get their names because they’re the only flowering plants in the winter. Thus they have special meaning. As a result, the idea of bringing evergreens into the house arose, eventually leading to the creation of the Christmas tree. The evergreen fir tree’s transformation into a Christian icon is the subject of various theories and tales.

One is attributed to the English monk Boniface, best known for his eighth-century missionary efforts in Germany. According to legend, [Boniface] came and saw several native Germans committing sacrifices in front of a massive oak tree, which was holy to the god Thor.

Boniface took up his ax and cut down the tree to prevent the pagans from worshiping a fake god, and the pagans expected him to be struck by lightning, but this did not happen. So he took advantage of the situation at this point to convert them. Then, according to mythology, a fir tree sprang from the fallen oak. That became a sign of Christ — the triangle shape symbolizing the trinity — and from there, the idea of the tree as a symbol of Christ and new life arose. So one of the fundamental origins of the Christmas tree and carrying it into the home may be traced back to this.


• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• Size 1/2″ x 1″
• Weight 2.4 grams
• Flat Backed
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

Decorated Christmas Tree Charm

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