Corrugated Rondell Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled 8mm, Best quality, uniform bead size, hole Size. 6 mm with a 1.4 mm hole.

These Corrugated Rondell Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled 8 mils. A unique bonding process adheres jewelers brass to the gold at the atomic level. High-quality brass makes a heavier bead that will not chip or dent. The extended finishing process gives you clean, shiny beads.
The bonding process bonds the gold to the jewelers brass atomically instead of just a surface bond that will detach in time. No chipping or bending. These are well-made beads.

Metal Purity: 14/20 Gold-fill
Bead Size: 8.3 mm × 3 mm
Hole Size: 0.066 mm
Finish: Mirror-polished
Metal Quality: Nickel- and lead-free

Corrugated Rondell Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled 8mm size

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