Christmas Tree Ornament Charm Sterling Silver


Christmas Tree Ornament. Sterling silver casting made in the USA, 1/4″ x 1/2″, 3-D casting. A great keepsake for Christmas or holiday jewelry designs.
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Add a silver holiday charm that’s heart-warming and memorable to your Christmas-inspired jewelry or craft designs. Here at, we are committed to offering the best inventory of silver Christmas charms for everyone to enjoy. This Tree Ornament charm is cast in 3D and has the heft and feel to make any bracelet edit special. Of course, nothing beats genuine sterling silver, and silver truly is making a comeback this season!
Decorating trees during the holidays began in Germany. People would decorate trees with fruits and nuts after the leaves had fallen off to symbolize the arrival of spring. However, a fur tree was brought inside in 1605 and decorated with paper flowers, fruits, nuts, and candles, a first! The idea of decorating an indoor tree became popular and swiftly spread across Germany.

In the 1800s, German immigrants brought the tradition to America, where it was understood differently. Fruit (especially apples), nuts, popcorn, cranberry strings, streamers, metal foil, and candles were among the first decorations made by households using whatever they had.

Even before electric blinking Christmas lights were conceived, we adored the idea of decorating a tree with lights. Foil was utilized a lot to reflect the light in the room and make the tree glitter!

Do you have a set of circular plastic Christmas ornaments that you use to decorate your tree? Those, too, have their origins in Germany! Hans Greiner began making glass ball ornaments (also known as baubles) in the 1800s, and these were the first mass-produced ornaments. F.W. Woolworth, an astute businessman, brought the concept to America in the late 1800s.

Manufacturers eventually began using injection molding with plastic materials, allowing for a broader range of shapes and sizes. The bauble’s round shape comes from the original adorning material, which was fruits and nuts.


• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• Size 1/4 x 1/2″
• Weight 1.0 grams
• 3-D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included

Christmas Tree Ornament size

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