Baby New Year Charm Sterling Silver


Baby New Year Charm. Detailed sterling silver charm, made in the USA, 3/8″ x 7/8″, 3-D casting. A great charm for holidays.  
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Make your New Year jewelry even more stunning with’s Baby New Year Charm in 925 sterling silver. The charm is a three-dimension (3D) casting measuring 3/8″ x 7/8″ – the ideal size for many bracelet edits and DIY crafts with charms.

This unique charm features one of the most recognizable symbols of the New Year and is a fitting focal point for necklaces, bracelets with charms, and other DIY crafts.

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What is the History of the New Year Baby?

New Year’s Day commemorates a year in which twelve months have passed, and it has been celebrated over several millennia.

The Greeks invented the Baby New Year approximately 600 B.C. However, the early Egyptians are also responsible for utilizing a baby as a new year sign. Rebirth is symbolized by the newborn. On New Year’s Day, the Greeks thought that Dionysus, their god of wine, was reborn as the spirit of fertility. To represent Dionysus’ rebirth, they would march about with a baby in a basket.

Even though Christians considered this to be a pagan practice and condemned using a baby to usher in the New Year, the symbol’s popularity prevailed, albeit in a different way than intended.

As the birth of baby Jesus became a particular festival, the end of the year is honored with another baby. The Saturday Evening Post series by Joseph Christian Leyendecker popularized the New Year’s Baby in modern America. He created nearly 300 covers between 1907 and 1943, each featuring a newborn and a current cultural issue. The adage is “In with the new and out with the old,” is the theme of Baby New Year. Father Time is often shown in cartoons as an older man with a long gray beard. According to legend, Baby New Year will mature into Father Time throughout the year. Father Time eventually hands over his responsibilities to Baby New Year.

The first baby born in a hospital, a city, or a country will almost certainly receive unique gifts from various sources. For example, several local hospitals and media outlets will offer a baby bond to the first five or ten babies born that year. In addition, it’s not uncommon for national corporations to provide a large prize for the first baby born and highly publicize it.


• Purity – 925 Silver Charm
• Size – 3/8″ x 7/8″
• Weight – 3.4 grams
• 3-D
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included


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