1x4mm Twist Tube Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled Xinar.com


1x4mm Twist Tube Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled, Seamless look, exceptional quality, consistent bead & hole size. 1 mm x 4mm with a .7mm hole.

1×4 mil Twist Tube Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled are made to precise tolerances.
The manufacturer uses a bonding process that adheres the gold to the jeweler’s brass at the atomic level.
The Jewelers brass core creates studier, more enduring beads that resist peeling or denting.
Their unique finishing process gives you clean, brilliantly polished beads. This beads design is an accent or a secondary element to certain jewelry designs


  1. • Metal Purity- 14/20 Gold Fill
    • BEAD SIZE-1x4mm
    • HOLE SIZE-.028
    • FINISH-Mirror Polished
    • METAL QUALITY-Nickel & Lead-Free
1x4mm Twist Tube Beads 14/20 Gold-Filled size

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