14K Gold-Filled Plain Tube Beads, Choice of Size


Elevate your jewelry-making game with these 14k gold-filled plain tube beads,. Add a touch of elegance to any design!

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Uses for 14K Gold Filled Plain Tube Beads

When it comes to jewelry making, choosing the right beads and materials is just as important as the design itself. One popular material used in jewelry making is liquid Gold Filled tube beads, which come with a wide range of uses that any jewelry maker can take advantage of.
Here are some of the many uses of Gold Filled plain tube beads:

Incorporate Them into Necklaces and Bracelets
14K Gold Filled tube beads can be used in different ways to create unique necklaces and bracelets. You can use them as spacers between other beads or alternate them with other types of beads for a more intricate design. They can also be combined with other metal components or gemstones to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your pieces.

Create Earrings
Gold Filled tube beads can be used to make elegant and lightweight earrings. Whether you prefer simple designs or more elaborate ones, these beads can be incorporated into various earring styles with ease. You can mix and match different sizes and shapes of these beads to create earrings that are as unique as the wearer.

Design Bangles and Cuffs
Another way to use liquid Gold Filled tube beads is to create bangles and cuffs. Bangle bracelets are a timeless accessory that can be worn with any outfit, while cuffs provide a more modern and edgy look. Liquid Gold Filled tube beads can be used as spacers or beading on these bracelets to add a touch of luxury and style.

Embellish Clothing
Gold Filled plain tube beads can also be used to embellish clothing items such as jackets, hats, and purses. Adding these beads can give a plain and simple item an instant upgrade and make the piece look more fashionable and glamorous. You can experiment with different designs and techniques to attach the beads to the clothing, such as using thread or wire.

Create Brooches and Pins
Lastly, liquid Gold Filled tube beads can also be used to make brooches and pins. These can be used to accessorize clothing items such as coats, jackets, and dresses or to add flair to bags and hats. By using these beads, you can give a plain and simple brooch or pin a new and unique look.

In summary, liquid Gold Filled tube beads can be used in a wide range of ways to create unique and elegant jewelry pieces. Whether you prefer simple designs or more intricate ones, incorporating these beads into your designs can add sophistication and a touch of luxury. So why not experiment with these beads and create your own unique pieces today?


What is Gold Filled??

Gold fill is a layer of gold bonded to jeweler brass. It is a regulated process that requires 1/20th of the item by weight to be Gold. 14k/20 Gold fill is a layer of 14k Gold that is at least 1/20th, or 5% of the weight of the piece is Gold. (see photo)
Gold fill will look and feel like authentic gold jewelry and, with care, will last 20-25 years. Notably, 12k Gold will wear better because it is a little harder than 14k.
Our gold-filled uses a proprietary process that bonds a Gold layer to jeweler’s brass at the atomic level. Superior quality and wear are a result of this process.


Unique features
• Proprietary bonding process bonds gold to bronze, creating beads that will not flake, chip, or tarnish.
• Beads have the same appearance as high-carat gold
• Multi-stage finishing process produces mirror-finished, clean beads
• Raw stock assayed to ensure beads meet or exceed the requirements of 14/20 Gold Filled.
• Gold-filled items are 5 to 10 times thicker than that produced by regular plating and 15 to 25 times thicker than that provided by gold electroplate

All beads & findings are made to exacting standards using advanced technology and to the lowest possible costs.
We believe a shinier higher, quality gold-filled bead will be hard to find at this value.


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1. Choose your Gold-Filled Tube Beads.

2. Determine the size and type of wire that will work best with your beads.

3. Cut the wire to the desired length.

4. Thread the wire through the gold-filled tube beads.

5. Use pliers to create loops at each end of the wire to secure the beads in place.

6. You can create a simple necklace or bracelet; by repeating these steps.

7. Add a clasp to finish your piece.



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1x2mm, 1x4mm, 1x6mm, 1x8mmmm, 1x10mm, 1x12mm


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