Round Gold-Filled Beads


Round Gold-Filled Beads

Get lustrous and beautiful gold-filled round beads from Our extensive inventory of gold-filled beads is perfect for your classic and timeless creations, from gold-filled bead bracelets, necklaces, and other crafts.

Use these gold-filled round beads on any project and expect only the best results. Xinar has been selling gold-filled beads and findings on the internet since the nineties, and we pride ourselves in offering only genuine gold-filled, and not gold-plated or gold-washed, which are entirely different processes and contain less gold than gold-filled items.

Xinar’s Quality Guarantee

Xinar loves all crafters and jewelry makers, which is why we would never misrepresent the metals that we sell. If we say that you are getting gold-filled, you’re getting gold-filled. This is critical to everyone’s success because if you get poor quality, gold-plated items instead of gold-filled, those beads and findings will likely tarnish.

Accurate gold-filled items last a long, long time and they will resist tarnishing for as long as possible. However, if you care for gold-filled round beads properly, you can expect the beads only to gain a more profound and darker color in time.

Time works its magic on all metals, and surely enough, even the best-maintained gold-filled jewelry will take on a vintage look. This is never a bad thing. Vintage gold-filled jewelry is highly sought after and highly valued, too. Gold-filled will also have a higher value than gold-plated items.

You can always be sure that Xinar will provide you with genuine, gold-filled beads and findings all year long. So let your creativity and expression shine with our gold-filled round beads and other jewelry-making supplies!

Gold-Filled Beads

Metal beads are an integral component of beadwork all over the world. While plastic, wood, and glass beads are also usable for making jewelry, you need to use precious metals to create exceptional jewelry with higher value.

Round beads are popular with crafters and jewelry makers because they are versatile and provide a perfect, seamless look to bracelets and necklaces. The image of the lustrous golden necklace is a timeless image that represents gold’s permanent place in the world of jewelry-making. Nothing produces the same visual impact as gold, and gold-filled round beads provide that timeless charm that family, friends, and customers love.

Both gold and silver are standards and repositories of value, so it follows that any jewelry with pure gold content will be valuable, especially in the long term. In the case of Xinar’s gold-filled round beads, our manufacturer uses a proprietary gold bonding technique to ensure the best results compared to other brands. Why does the bonding method matter so much?

If you remember, gold-filled items are produced when a heavier layer of gold is mechanically bonded atop jeweler’s brass. Compared to gold-plating, where gold is drawn to the base metal through an electric current, gold-filling involves the mechanical application of the gold to the chosen surface.

The total weight of pure gold in Xinar’s beads can be as much as five percent of the full bead weight. Compare the weight of pure gold in gold-filled beads to the gold in gold-plated items, which is only microns thick.

Seamless Round Spacer Beads

14K Gold Filled Seamless Round Spacer Beads Choice of sizes are 2mm-12mm. Quantity choice in all sizes.

Seamless Round Spacer Beads

14K Gold Filled Seamless Round Spacer Beads Choice of sizes are 2mm-12mm. Quantity choice in all sizes.