Plain & Corrugated Rondelle Gold-Filled Beads


Plain & Corrugated Rondelle Gold-Filled Beads

Bring your dream designs to life with Xinar’s gold-filled plain and corrugated Rondelle beads. Our beautiful collection of Rondelle beads will help accent other beads in a bracelet edit or necklace and expand the free expression of your art. Xinar is proudly an old name in jewelry-making supplies. We have been supplying artists and jewelry visionaries with high-quality and genuine gold-filled beads and findings for decades.

Our Quality Guarantee: Gold-Filled Beads

Xinar works hard to bring you only the best gold-filled beads in the market, which is why we periodically test our inventory for purity, and we partner only with the most prominent and most trustworthy goldsmiths and casters in the country. Our gold-filled beads are manufactured in the US and are guaranteed to be genuinely gold-filled and not electroplated, gold-washed or gold-plated.

We know for a fact that not everyone knows the distinctions between these terms, so we make sure to provide the essential information for our customers so other unethical stores won’t mislead them.

The US government regulates the use of descriptions that can easily mislead the public when buying precious metals. For example, gold-plated is incomparable with gold-filled because it only contains microns-thick gold, compared to gold-filled beads. In addition, the gold-filling method ensures that the total gold in the item is up to five percent of the total metal.

Xinar’s manufacturer has also developed a unique, proprietary gold-filling method that produces the strongest bond between the gold and its alloy. This gold-filling technique bonds the gold to the brass atomically instead of just a surface bond that can detach in time. As a result, our gold-filled beads are comprehensively designed to withstand the test of time, and they’re ready for regular wear and tear.

Working with Gold-Filled Rondelle Beads

Rondelle beads are incredible additions to any workbench because they’re designed to accent other beads in the design beautifully. They’re great accents not because they’re too simple, but because their surface texture and overall look naturally enhance anything around them.

Jewelry-makers love Rondelle beads because they are attractive, and they bring a special sparkle to a design that other beads don’t possess. Indeed, every bead type has something unique to offer to every design, making extensive bead collections valuable. In addition, you can be more creative and freer with your plans when you have enough bead types at your disposal.

This is not to say that you can’t use gold-filled rondelle beads solely. If you want to create Rondelle bead bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry, try it! Rondelle beads are exquisite when used on their own, and you might be surprised at how classically beautiful Rondelle-centered creations are.

If you need further inspiration for your projects, be sure to check out our other beads in other categories. Xinar offers more than just gold-filled beads and findings. We also have an extensive inventory of genuine copper beads and findings, rose gold-filled, plus sterling silver. Our Far Fetched jewelry collection can also help set the thematic for any group you’re building if you like making and collecting jewelry, too.

Plain Rondelle Beads and Corrugated Rondelle Beads

Plain Rondelle Beads and Corrugated Rondelle Beads