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Enameled Holly Leaf Charm, Sterling Silver 13/16″ x 5/8″, 3-D casting. A great addition to a Christmas Bracelet or Necklace

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This colorful and well-detailed Christmas charm would look amazing on necklaces, bracelets, bags, and other crafting projects. Why use plastic when you can have 925 sterling silver that’s free of nickel and lead? Xinar.com’s Christmas charms are guaranteed free of allergens and are a good pick if you need genuinely hypoallergenic sterling silver.

Our Enameled Holly Leaf Charm perfectly captures the spirit of the holidays while maintaining that touch of glam and class for your creation. Should you need additional charms, findings or beads, be sure to check out Xinar’s extensive jewelry-making catalog available online. Also, we are just an email away if you need any help finding what you need to complete your creation.

What Does Holly Symbolize in Christmas?

Druids thought holly to be a sacred plant before it was placed in houses to complement Christmas trees. While other plants faded in the cold, holly stayed green and vigorous, its berries a rich red hue even in the most extreme weather.

Holly was regarded by the Druids as a sign of fertility and eternal life, with magical properties. Cutting down a holly tree according to Druid legend may bring misfortune. Hanging the plant at one’s home, on the other hand, was thought to offer good luck and protection. Holly was supposed to protect homes from lightning strikes as well. During the festival of Saturnalia, the Romans connected holly with Saturn, the god of agriculture and harvest, and covered the halls with its boughs.

Christmas Eve is marked on early Christian calendars as templa exornatur, which means “churches are decked,” however, some Christians are said to have been denied permission to hang boughs in honor of Christmas by Saturnalia celebrants. Instead, Christians acquired the holly custom from Druid, Celtic, and Roman traditions, and its symbolism was altered to match Christian ideals.

Christians today regard holly in two ways as a sign of Jesus Christ. First, the blood that Jesus spilled on the cross on the day he was crucified is symbolized by the crimson berries. According to legend, holly berries were initially white, but the blood of Christ spilled for humanity’s sins permanently turned the berries red. Second, the pointed leaves of a holly tree represent the crown of thorns laid on Jesus’ head before his death on the cross.

In German, holly is known as christdorn, which means “Christ thorn.” Both emblems are designed to remind Christians of Jesus’ suffering, but they aren’t the only connections between holly and Jesus. According to one theory, the cross on which Jesus was crucified was made of holly. Another person claims that holly arose from his footsteps. The white blossoms of the holly are thought to symbolize purity, and if the holly used to adorn home for Christmas is prickly, the man will dominate the house for the coming year; if the holly is smooth, the lady will rule.

• Purity -925 Silver Charm
• Size 13/16″ x 5/8″
• Weight 2.6 Grams
• Flat-back
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring Included


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