Cancer Byzantine Codices Zodiac Symbol Sterling Silver


Cancer Byzantine Codices Zodiac Charm. Detailed sterling silver charm, made in the USA, 3/8″ x 3/8″, flat back casting. A great charm for birthday or Zodiac jewelry designs.
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Do you need a silver Cancer charm? Then, beautify those DIY crafting projects and zodiac jewelry designs with’s well-detailed Cancer Byzantine Codices charm in sterling silver. This premium flatback silver charm measuring 3/8″ x 3/8″ is a beautiful addition to birthday bracelet edits, holiday jewelry, and more.

According to FTC standards, all of Xinar’s sterling silver charms are also guaranteed to be free of nickel and lead. Unfortunately, not all jewelry-making supplies stores adhere to the strict legal standards for nickel-free sterling silver, so we want you to get sterling silver charms that won’t cause allergies, rashes, or itching. Xinar is one of the first stores online to sell quality jewelry-making supplies, including beads, findings, and silver charms. Reach out any time if you need something that you cannot find immediately.

What Does the Zodiac Sign Cancer Symbolize?

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign (June 21–July 21), and the crab is its symbol. Cancer (called Karkata in Vedic astrology) is a cardinal water sign ruled by the moon. Its energy is emotional, domestic, and comforting. Here, we’ll look at Cancer’s personality attributes and see how this sign views life, love, and work, among other things.

Cancer is frequently linked to our emotional lives, our roots, and our homes.

Those born under this sign are generally highly sensitive, able to sense the emotions and sentiments of others. Cancers are also susceptible to their surroundings. Therefore, this sign can reflect the environment’s energy around them, just as the moon reflects the sun’s light.

The moon also represents home in astrology: where we originated from, our roots, and how we recharge. So, for typical Cancerians, feeling at home is crucial to having time to rest and contemplate. (Imagine a crab withdrawing back into its shell.)

Finally, Cancer is related to beginnings, origins, and the womb’s waters as a cardinal water sign. This zodiac sign is all about nourishment, comfort, and growth. How do we feel at ease in our bodies, in the universe, and in our communities? How do we make a connection to our ancestors? These are all Cancer-related inquiries.

Cancers have a lot of emotions, which may be lovely—but there’s a dark side to all of this sensitivity: On the other hand, cancers are easily offended, injured, and hurt.

Taunting or criticizing that goes unnoticed by other signals can cause an emotional crisis in a Cancer. Therefore, many Cancers must learn that it is preferable not to take it personally to protect their energy and mental health.

Do you recall the crab shell? On the other hand, Cancers are prone to retreating into their bodies rather than facing the world. Learning to share their feelings with others is a massive opportunity for this ultra-sensitive sign to thrive.

Because many Cancers prefer to avoid conflict or what they consider to be drama, they can come across as passive-aggressive, implying that they’re wounded rather than expressing their feelings. This sign needs to learn to communicate openly and frequently rather than assuming that others understand why they’re angry.


• Purity – 925
• Measures – 3/8″ x 3/8″
• Weight – 1.0 grams
• Flat Backed
• Nickel & Lead-Free
• Jump Ring attached


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