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Sterling Silver Charms & Pendants

Sterling silver charms & other charms have a long history. Believed to ward off evil spirits or bad luck — original charms where made of bone, shell, gems or rock.
In addition, Christians worn fish charms for identity, and Jewish scholars put written law in amulets keep the code next to their hearts. If you are not hiding your beliefs from the Roman Legions or honoring the laws of the Torah?  You can express your passions, remember an important event or a gift idea.
Made from  925 Sterling Silver using a stamping or lost wax casting technology. Exceptional detailed and top quality, guaranteed to be nickel, lead, and cadmium free. Also, all charms originate in the USA.
Finally, your choice of charms is extensive. We are sure you will find something that will suit your heart’s desire.

Far Fetched aspires to create upbeat, heartfelt, and inspiring jewelry. We are using natural materials, conscientious business practices, and strictly adhere to fair-trade principles. Jewelry designed to be a positive influence in the world!!

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