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Talk Talk Pendants, Necklaces & Bracelets


Pendants & Bracelets Far Fetched Talk Talk Jewelry Designs 

Talk Pendants, Necklaces & Bracelets from Far Fetched Imports. Vintage Handcrafted Jewelry from the early 21st century.

Far Fetched Talk Talk Jewelry designs include several different styles of Sterling Silver earring, mixed metal story earrings, bracelets including silver & mixed metal cuff designs, band rings in silver & mixed metal, silver pendants and silver & mixed metal story necklaces with semi-precious gemstones,

Created in the early 2000s, these designs are offered in a wide choice. Now you can express your thoughts or feelings at the moment.

Made with Head Hand Heart

Far Fetched jewelry designs start with an emotion, a silly joke, an experience; each piece has its own story. We daydream and doodle new ideas, utilizing a variety of materials and techniques. The designs are then sent to Cuervo Metal, our sister company, and are given to a skilled prototype maker. Once we see the prototypes, we make any changes that are needed, and the finalized designs are given to the artisans to produce in their own workshops. They use a combination of traditional silversmithing techniques and new, innovative processes that we have introduced. The end result is our unique, handmade jewelry.

Manufactured with Fair Trade Practices

All handcrafted jewelry designs of Far Fetched Imports are created in a cottage industry in Taxco, Mexico. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver or brass & copper, all earrings. bracelets & pendants begin as sheet stock.

Hand-cut shaped & formed using metalsmithing techniques passed down from family members for generations. All Far Fetched products are made with the mission of enriching the lives of the people who create them.

Since the 1980s all designs have been made by the same artists and their families. 

Additional all products are produced following strict fair-trade standards

About Far Fetched Jewelry

Far Fetched aspires to create upbeat, heartfelt, and inspiring jewelry. Rich in culture, using natural materials, conscientious business practices, and fair-trade principles.

We intend to be a positive influence in the world!!

Looking for a particular design from Far Fetched Imports??? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

This site has only a sampling of the Far Fetched inventory we have.

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“a little different like you.”

Fans of Far Fetched looking to replace a design you lost or miss out on, or someone not familiar with this jewelry. I hope you will enjoy viewing the different designs available.
Made with the “hand head & heart” and guaranteed to be “a little different like you”!!
All inventory listed on this site are discontinued designs.  Inventory originated as sales samples or excess inventory when the design was discontinued. Products are limited to items on hand and will be discontinued when sold out.
All items are hand or machine polished to assure you will receive your order in the new condition it was 20+ years ago. 

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