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Far Fetched Talk Talk Earrings

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Talk Talk Earrings from Far Fetched Imports.  One of the pioneers in creating jewelry using words & phrases.
Created in the early 2000s, these designs are offered in a wide choice of earrings, from simple drop to the more elaborate story and dangle earrings, many with gemstone accents.

About these Products

Talk Talk Earrings, pendants & bracelets. A collection that keeps memories, inspiring thoughts, and affirmations close by. A reminder of who you are and
how you want to be in the world. Sterling Silver with occasional accents of copper or brass.

A Hand to our Neighbors

Talk Talk earrings. Created in a cottage industry in Taxco, Mexico. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with brass & copper, earrings begin as sheet stock.
Shaped-formed using metalsmithing techniques passed down from family members for generations, innovations added. All Far Fetched products, made with the mission of
enriching the lives of the people who create them.
Since the 1980’s all designs made by the same artists and their families.

Far Fetched aspires to create upbeat, heartfelt, and inspiring jewelry. We are using natural materials, conscientious business practices, and strictly adhere to fair-trade principles. Jewelry designed to be a positive influence in the world!!

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Please do not hesitate to contact us. This site has only a sampling of the Far Fetched inventory we have.

Fans of Far Fetched looking to replace a design you lost or miss out on, or someone not familiar with this jewelry.

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