Far Fetched Dangle & Post Earrings

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Far Fetched Dangle & Post Earrings

About this category

Far Fetched Dangle & Post Earrings category covers the collections of Far Fetched from the 1980s to the present. Collections of the 1980s

to the Mima & Oly Collection, a change from the primary Sterling Silver, Copper, and Brass to a lower-cost Alpaca and Mixed Metals.

About the Products

Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver with brass & copper accents. Attention should be paid to the metallurgy involved in creating these items.

  Just imagine the skill it takes to merge three metal that all melt at different temperatures. A few of the collections include the

Whimsey, Biscuit, Metal Mosaics, Talk Talk,  and Nica. A limited selection of designs from the 1980s & 1990s.

A Hand to our Neighbors

Far Fetched Jewelry. Created in a cottage industry in Taxco, Mexico. Crafted from Sterling Silver, with copper or brass accents. products begin as sheet stock.
Shaped-formed using metalsmithing techniques passed down from family members for generations, innovations added.
All Far Fetched products, made with the intent of enriching the lives of the people who create and wear them.
Since the 1980’s all designs made by the same artists and their families. 

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