Beads and Findings

Beads & Findings

Beads & Findings categories of this site are an assortment of the different beads we offer to the jewelry makers and beaders. Many different styles of beads and a large variety of jewelry components which are also called findings. An assortment of semi and precious metals including Yellow Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver, Rose Gold-filled, and Copper. All items are made in the USA by skilled metalsmiths who have combined expertise in the 100s of years. In the following sections, you will find several how-to tips along with reference and links to tools. 

I have also included several design ideas you might like to create. These designs were created by the company that manufacturers these beads & findings. Please feel free to make these yourself or use them as inspiration for your designs. 


Beads for Jewelry

We offer a wide choice of size and styles, your selection of simple round accents beads to elaborate multi-side facets & disco beads. For something more elaborate, we offer rondelle-saucer beads, corrugated beads in several styles, oval beads in both seamless and seamless look designs. You will find a large selection of tube beads in various sizes from the 1x2mm commonly used for liquid silver necklaces up 1x12mm. All tube beads a seamed, there is a good selection of 2mm tube beads, including a popular curved 2x24mm Beads offered in four different metals.

  findings-photo-category-page                            Findings for Jewelry & Beading Designs

What are findings or bead findings?? They are the components used to connect jewelry.

The number of different findings is impressive. I have limit this site to some of the more popular designs. Headpins, eye pins, bead caps, clasps-toggle claps, and jump rings are more prominent members of our collection. Crimps, crimp covers, and high-quality ear wires are also available—findings offered in all the metals mentioned.

                                      Your Choice of Metals

The metals we offer follows:


Yellow Gold 

We are proud to handle one of the very best gold-filled products on the market. Using a proprietary process that bonds a gold layer to a base metal of jewelers brass, this manufacturer creates an item that will not chip, peel or fade. 

You can count on many years of service from these beautiful beads and findings.  

Also, the raw product is fire assayed to ensure the karat of the metal is accurate. 

Unlike plated items sold as gold fill, you will never have an issue with the metal rubbing off, chipping, or fading. 

Here is what our customers say about these products. 


“The seller is right. Not all gold filled beads are created equal. These are beautiful – I also bought some from another seller. They were much cheaper, but the gold did not cover the beads completely, and the acrylic underneath was visible. Not so with these, they are completely gold, and the quality is terrific.”

Another says

“This seller ships your items at the speed of light…always has what you need & reasonable prices for such amazing quality!

These gold-filled beads look much brighter than those I’ve been buying elsewhere and even better than they are seamless! Excellent seller.”

silver-bead-metal-exampleSterling Silver

-Pure silver is a soft metal. When made into jewelry is prone to chipping and breaking. There are no records of who created sterling silver. Ancient sites from 4,000 years ago indicate silver smelting. Combining pure silver with a base metal of nickel, copper, or another base metal creates a harder metal more suitable for jewelry manufacture. 

1300 AD, King Edward 1 declared that silver must be 92.5% silver to be called sterling silver. That declaration is the standard used till today. 

We guarantee that all of our Sterling Silver beads and finding meet or exceed the standard set forth by King Edward. Raw stock periodically fired assayed to issue the supplies you purchase are Sterling Silver. Current law in the U.S. requires copper as the base metal for making sterling silver. Never a concern that nickel is in these products. 

rose-gold-metal-sampleRose Gold Filled

-Made by the same proprietary process as the Yellow Gold Filled. The only difference is the higher percentage of copper added for the color. You have the same quality assurance as the yellow gold filled.


-The Beads and finding we handle are all made of solid copper. That is not to say the beads are solid, but the metal is pure copper. Many people say they are selling copper when they are copper plated. Not so with us. A light coating of a water-based lacquer applied to our finished products to retard tarnishing but these products with tarnish over time. You cannot antique these beads with this lacquer applied. 

Plated Beads & Findings

I get a lot of correspondence if these items are the metal represented or plated. 

I want to clear any questions you might have about that issue by assuring you that we sell the exact item I am promoting. Have you bought beads or jewelry you believe to be fake? Here is a link to assist you in determining if those items are authentic.

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