Oval Sterling Silver Beads


Oval Sterling Silver Beads

Shop Xinar’s beautiful collection of 925 sterling silver oval beads. Craft elegant and timeless necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry, only with our genuine silver oval beads. Periodically fire-assayed to ensure purity, Xinar is dedicated to bringing our customers the best sterling silver jewelry-making supplies.

Xinar has been selling genuine USA sterling silver beads and findings since the 1990s, and our commitment to bringing beauty to this world by bringing exquisite silver beads has never waned. Please select from our selection of oval spacer beads in different sizes, including 3×55 plain oval spacer beads, 5x8mm oval beads, and so much more. US law requires manufacturers to use copper as the base of 925 sterling silver. Our sterling silver oval beads do not contain nickel, which is a known allergen.

Getting Started with Silver Beads and Beadwork

Whether you’re a jewelry designer, hobbyist, or you enjoy making your unique items with silver beads; you will need a basic understanding of beading techniques to produce the highest quality accessories. In addition, it is essential that you lay out your design first before commencing your project.

Making jewelry involves much planning, including determining where spacer beads should be added and how many beads of each color are needed. To experiment with different designs and colors, arrange your beads on the table in the order you intend to string them. You’ll probably want to have a selection of spacer beads on your workbench to break up a design that utilizes large beads.

How are Silver Oval Beads Used?

The purpose of oval beads and spacer beads, in general, is to fill in the gaps in a bracelet or necklace. Most of the jewelry focuses on a single bead, charm, or pendant. Spacer beads are often smaller and are placed between these bigger main elements to draw attention to these components.

Any bead can essentially be utilized as a spacer bead. Still, it would help to vary the bead sizes in your jewelry to keep the design from becoming too cluttered and confusing unless you’re making a more straightforward design with identically sized beads. Spacer beads aid in creating an aesthetically beautiful layout, creating distinctive patterns, and enhancing the focal beads’ hues.

The best method to add spacer beads into your creation is to plan appropriately. Decide which beads will be the focal points of the jewelry and special spacers that complement this design. Spacer beads can also make a longer piece of jewelry without using too many huge focal beads.

It’s vital to plan ahead of time to visualize what the finished product will look like and test how many beads you’ll need in each part to achieve the required length or size. Because some types of spacers, such as sterling silver oval beads, have smaller holes than usual, you may want to use more delicate threads when using them.

Silver is commonly used in manufacturing spacer beads because it helps the focal bead shine out. However, when using metal, keep in mind that certain conditions or factors can tarnish or corrode. If you don’t want to have to clean your jewelry all the time, a more expensive metal spacer bead that isn’t prone to tarnishing is a good option. These spacers come in various sizes and shapes, and they work well with bright-colored focal beads.

Oval Sterling Silver Beads

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Seamless Oval Spacer Beads

Sterling Silver Oval Beads for your Beading or Jewelry Designs. Choice of size & Quality.

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