Mirror & Stardust Sterling Silver Beads


Mirror & Stardust Sterling Silver Beads

Shop sterling silver mirror beads and stardust beads at Xinar.com!

Our silver mirror beads are gleaming, bringing fire and brilliance to any jewelry design. Maximize 925 sterling silver’s whiteness and unique way with light and create stunning bracelet edits and other jewelry with the correct spacer beads.

Our silver beads serve as the ideal accents for any design imaginable – pick the correct sizes and try them out this week. Don’t forget to hit Ctrl + D to bookmark Xinar (it’s Command + D for Mac users).

For crafters and jewelers who need an extra layer of shine and glitter, shop our sterling silver stardust beads. Because of each bead’s textured coating, Xinar.com’s stardust beads shimmer like they’re covered in a fine layer of glitter.

The textured overlay provides character and complexity to each stardust bead, giving these beads a lovely sparkle for all types of jewelry designs. Use our stardust beads to give your jewelry-making projects a dazzling brilliance. Be sure to check out other sterling silver bead options, too!

Why Use Silver Mirror & Stardust Beads?

Sterling silver beads possess everything that makes jewelry memorable, classy, and timeless. It’s not hard to appreciate the white color and stylish brilliance of mirror & stardust beads. Sterling silver beads for all kinds of necklaces and bracelets. 925 silver remains a cult classic in jewelry-making circles, and the demand for this type of jewelry remains strong in the most critical global markets. While silver remains the more budget-friendly choice than gold and platinum, it has never been devalued as base material for jewelry.

Sterling silver is also preferable for a more significant percentage of people because genuine silver can only be made with copper and not nickel, at least in the United States. US law requires silver manufacturers to use only copper as nickel is a known allergen. About 20% of women have a nickel allergy.

The reactions can be as simple as a weal on the skin to full-blown anaphylaxis in individuals with high nickel sensitivity. If you craft jewelry for customers, be sure to use only spacer beads that are nickel-free, such as the ones sold by Xinar.

What is Bead Stringing?

What is the definition of bead stringing? To put it simply, it’s the process of placing beads on a cord or wire to produce jewelry or accessories. Silver stardust beads can be strung on several materials, but the essential stringing techniques remain the same. Basic beading is the most typical way for newcomers to begin. However, there are also other special techniques. 

Bead weaving involves sewing, stitching, and then weaving the beads together to form designs. Bead weaving is done using a bead loom or off-loom, if preferred.

Off-loom weaving presents the crafted with a wide range of beading patterns dependent on the stitches they choose for their projects. Beaded macramé, on the other hand, is a type of weaving technique that includes knotting. You may have tried macrame as a kid, either in girl scouts or in a craft class. It’s a classic art and craft staple that’s been reimagined through the years. Macramé is a knotting method that involves weaving cords in and out of itself to create various patterns.

Mirror Beads and Stardust Beads

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Mirror Beads and Stardust Beads

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