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Medals & Talisman Amulet

As symbols of spiritual awakening, Xinar’s medals, talismans, and spiritual charms occupy a special place in our extensive inventory of 925 sterling silver charms. We support the creativity and beliefs of all our DIY crafters and designers, so if your goal is to create spiritual bracelets or spiritual bracelets for couples, our spiritual charms for bracelets are a crucial enrichment of your workbench jewelry-making supplies. Of course, it’s essential to know the spiritual symbols and meanings of these medals and talismans as well, so we’ve provided an excellent reference for you below. has been selling high-quality jewelry-making supplies since 1998. Our jewelry-making inventory includes sterling silver charms, beads, findings, and other supplies in different semiprecious metals. What’s more, we sell silver charms that are lead-free and nickel-free, as per FTC standards. Enjoy premium silver charms made with the lost wax casting method – a traditional method of silver casting that requires the extensive mastery and skills of conventional casters.

Spiritual Symbols and Meanings

What Does the Chalice Mean?

In the celebration of the Christian Eucharist, a chalice is used. “The cup of blessing which we bless” (Colossians 10:16), as stated by St. Paul, is a reference to a chalice consecrated by special rites from the beginning.

In the fourth century, the Roman Empire officially recognized Christianity, and subsequently, gold and silver became the most common materials for chalices.

The Holy Grail legend surrounded the origins of this item in the Middle Ages with an otherworldly aura. In the history of religious art, the precious stones and intricate carvings used to adorn chalices have earned them a prominent place.

What Does the Pentagram Mean?

The five-pointed star has long been revered as a symbol of universal unity and the essence of life’s vital force by people of all ages and cultures. For example, the goddess Kore, also known as the “star of knowledge,” has a pentagram as her symbol.

Like the “birth letter,” the Pythagoreans revered this symbol, known as the pentalpha by the Pythagoreans. As a symbol of my spiritual path and my ancestors, Wicca, it is a beautiful and positive representation of both. The pentagram is a symbol of eternal life.

What Does the Cross Symbolize?

Crosses are the Christian religion’s most prominent symbol, recalling Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and the benefits of his Passion and death. In this way, the cross symbolizes both Christ’s identity and the Christian faith itself. A benediction, a prayer, a dedication, or a profession of faith are all possible meanings for making the cross sign in ceremonial contexts.

What Does the Ark of the Covenant Symbolize?

Christianity and Judaic beliefs revere the Ark of the Covenant as the ornate, gold-plated wooden chest that held the two tablets of the Law given to Moses by God in the Bible.

Only the high priest of Israel could see the Ark on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement when it rested in the Holy of Holies, located in the Tabernacle.

The Levites carried the Ark of the Covenant during the Israelites’ journeys through the wilderness.

The Ark of the Covenant supposedly stayed in Shiloh after the Israelites conquered Canaan, the Promised Land, but the Israelites occasionally took into battle. When King David brought it to Jerusalem, it was eventually enshrined in the Temple under King Solomon. No one knows what became of it in the end.

What is a Guardian Angel?

It has been claimed that angels are involved in the creation and maintenance of the universe. Hellenistic cosmology has inspired Clement of Alexandria to claim that they are the stars’ movers and control the four elements—earth, air, fire, and water—in the universe. Individuals and nations are said to be protected by a variety of angels.

Roman Catholicism’s widespread piety has long been bolstered by the widespread belief in the existence of guardian angels. The souls of the deceased are also believed to be carried by angels to the afterlife.

Angels are thought to perform various functions in the process of human conception. When angels announce the birth of divine figures, such as Jesus and John the Baptist, in the New Testament, it is particularly noticeable.

What Does the Last Supper Symbolize?

The Last Supper is a frequently depicted subject in art. As a result, there are countless depictions of the Last Supper, which Jesus Christ shared with his twelve apostles just before his death on the cross, in various media throughout history.

The Last Supper witnessed three significant events, all of which have been depicted in art. First, Jesus tells his disciples that one of them, Judas, will betray him, but he doesn’t name him. Second, the Eucharist, the sharing of bread and wine as symbols of Jesus’ body and blood, has its origins in the Last Supper as well. Finally, in the end, Jesus bids the apostles farewell.

What Does the Ankh Mean?

Symbolic of eternal life, the ankh (sometimes referred to as the file’s key) is used in Ancient Egypt. The ankh is thought to be the first—or original—cross created thousands of years ago.

Pharaohs and kings are frequently depicted holding the ankh, which symbolizes immortality. It is also common to see the ankh depicted in Egyptian temples and the hands of significant deities like Osiris and Isis. The ankh may also represent water, air, and the sun, which were thought to be essential to Ancient Egyptian life.

Ankhs were also commonly used in sarcophagi to ensure the dead continued to live on in the afterlife. The ankh is a well-known hieroglyph, but no one knows precisely where it came from.

For centuries, people have speculated that an ankh and a Knot of Isis represent the same thing: a complex bow. According to other theories, it could represent the intertwining of male and female symbols or ceremonial girdles.

What Does the Hamsa Symbolize?

The hamsa, an ancient Middle Eastern symbol, has many meanings in different cultures. Despite this, it is considered a powerful talisman that brings good fortune, health, and happiness to those who wear it.

The ‘Ayin Ha’ra,’ or the Evil Eye in the west, is one of the most common reasons to wear a hamsa. Those who wear the hamsa are protected from envious glances and other malign influences. Ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) is where the hamsa was first used as an amulet to ward off the evil eye.

The hamsa, or ‘The Hand of Miriam’, is a symbol of the hand of God in Jewish faiths and is known as such. Moses and Miriam were virtuous models (who became the first High Priest). Because of her good deeds, Miriam has been elevated to a powerful guardian. Hamsa is also Hebrew for “five,” and some say this symbolizes the five books of the Torah.

Medals & Talisman Amulet

Of course, it's essential to know the spiritual symbols and meanings of these medals and talismans as well, so we've provided an excellent reference for you below.

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Medals & Talisman Amulet

Of course, it's essential to know the spiritual symbols and meanings of these medals and talismans as well, so we've provided an excellent reference for you below.

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