Sterling Silver Insect & Garden Critter Charms


Sterling Silver Insect & Garden Critter Charms

Get the best deals on high-quality insect charms from! We have the best selection of tiny sterling silver and vintage charms for every themed jewelry project, from cute charm bracelets to earrings and necklaces.

If you have been looking for unique 925 sterling silver charms for bracelets and other DIY crafts, you’ve found the right place. Xinar’s online charms store has everything you need, including 3D beehive charms, highly-detailed butterfly charms, spider charms, and rustic dragonfly charms. What differentiates Xinar from other stores is our commitment to quality.

Our charms are proudly made in the US and are lead-free and nickel-free. So express your artistry and creativity without worrying about nickel allergies when someone wears your creations.

Furthermore, our charms are made with the lost wax casting process, a traditional method of silver casting that produces the best details but requires patience, masterful skill, and deep knowledge of how to turn molten silver into perfectly polished charms bracelets.

What Do Insects Symbolize?

Throughout history, bugs have been depicted in folklore. Flying insects such as dragonflies and praying mantises also appear in folklore and legends like cicadas, flies, butterflies, and scarab beetles.

Insect myths can tell the story of a people’s origins or their abilities, such as honey-finding. Other tales deal with the gods and their actions and how they can be soothed. In Japanese folklore, for example, the soul of a living or dead person can transform into the form of a butterfly. It’s also possible that insects are used as amulets to ward off evil because of their ability to symbolize human qualities such as speed or foretelling impending disasters.

A mantis was once said to have been carried across a river by a bee by the San people of the Kalahari Desert. Before the mantis died, the exhausted bee planted a seed in its body and carried it away on a swaying flower. The seed sprouted into the first human being. Bees were born from the sun god Ra’s tears when they landed on the desert floor in Egyptian mythology. Honeybees are used to make the bowstring on the Hindu love god Kamadeva’s bow.

They believe that Kintu, the first man on the planet, was a Baganda. Except for his cow, Kintu was a lone wolf. He asked Ggulu, who was in heaven, for permission to marry Nambi, the daughter of Ggulu. For Kintu to be accepted by Ggulu, he was put through five tests. Finally, Kintu had to choose Ggulu’s cow from a herd of others. As a bee, Nambi aided Kintu in the final test by telling him which horn she landed on, and Kintu chose the one.

Aristaeus was the god of beekeeping in Greek mythology. Unfortunately, Eurydice’s nymph sisters killed all of his bees after he inadvertently caused her death by stepping on a snake as he fled. Aristaeus wept when he saw the empty hives where his bees had lived and consulted Proteus, who advised him to sacrifice four bulls and four cows in memory of Eurydice. In the process, they decomposed and nectar-bearing bees sprang up to fill his empty hives.

The goddess Aphrodite tells the story of Eos, the dawn goddess, pleading with Zeus to grant her lover Tithonus immortality so that they could be together forever.

However, because Eos forgot to mention that she wanted Zeus to make Tithonus ageless as well, Tithonus never died, but he did become old. He eventually shrank down to the size of the first cicada.

According to an aboriginal legend, giant men discovered bee honeybags and taught the locals how to locate them. In an ancient Sumerian poem, a fly comes to her aid when galla demons are chasing Dumuzid. Nergal, the god of death, is depicted on Old Babylonian seals in flies. Fly-shaped lapis lazuli beads were worn by people from various cultures in ancient Mesopotamia. There are numerous dragonfly-related references in the Akkadian Epic of Gilgamesh, which symbolize the impossibility of eternal life.

Sterling Silver Insect & Garden Critter Charms

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Sterling Silver Insect & Garden Critter Charms

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