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How to Measure Jewelry

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Measuring Jewelry

Here is a brief overview of how we measure our jewelry. 

This explains how those measurements are arrived at, I need to caution you that the actual picture you are looking at may or may not be the actual size.

In the picture, there are different reference points on coins and a bead cap that portrays measurement from 1/8” up to 1-1/4”

Any questions about size, browsing my items, you can refer to this. An example, I state an item is 7/8”. Just refer to the nickel for size reference. 

measurement master ruler picture

There are three areas of my site where this chart will be useful. 

 Charms & Pendants

The charms & pendants section, the beads & finding section, and the finished jewelry section are these areas. Illustrated below is the way these items are measured.

gargoyle charm measurement picture

             The picture above illustrates how I have determined the size. Most of these charm sizes are stated in two dimensions. The first dimension is always the width of the casting; the second is the height. In rare cases for large three-dimensional charms, I will give a third dimension that being the depth. Pendants are measured using the same method.


Jewelry Measurements are very similar to charms Earrings dimensions are given in the photo below. Dangle Earrings are the width and the length from the bottom of the ear wire. Post earrings will be outside to outside of earrings. Hoops are measured outside to outside


Chains & Bracelets

All chains & bracelet dimensions are stated in inches in length or mm diameter. There is a reference in the beads and finding sections for millimeter sizes. 

bracelet necklace measurement picture


Rings are stated in American sizes using a numerical scale with ¼ & ½ sizes. If you need to convert ring sizes, please use this link.  

To determine your ring size, click here

Wild Woman

 Beads & Findings

bead size measurement picture

 Beads and findings sizes have both millimeters and inches dimensions. Bead size is mm, hole size in inches. Convert inch measurements to mm by multiplying by 25.4. An example, a bead with a hole size of .073 would convert .073 x 25.4= 1.8 mm. Link to a conversion chart and a calculator for your use. You are welcome to download these. I find them invaluable and have them pinned by my workbench. 

bead size ruler mm picture
MM Bead Size

For reference, here is the mm ruler with a sample of some of the size beads available. 

This will give a pretty good idea of how our measuring process works and give some guidelines for the size of some of these beads and findings.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments. Thanks for reading!

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