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Head Pins & Eye Pins 14/20 Gold-Filled Findings


Head Pins & Eye Pins 14/20 Gold-Filled Findings

Shop the highest quality gold-filled findings at Our gold-filled headpins and eye pins, as well as other gold-filled findings, are suitable for a wide variety of jewelry projects and crafts. We have a complete collection of jewelry-making supplies for you. Xinar has been selling excellent beads and findings on the internet since the 1990s, and we remain fully committed to selling only the real deal. The quality of our products speaks for Xinar’s reputation as being an upfront jewelry-making supplies store online. If you love our site, please do bookmark and follow us by pressing Ctrl + D.

Gold-Filled Head Pins & Eye Pins

Using headpins and eye pins to make jewelry is a necessary technique that, if mastered, will allow you to make many pattern variations with little effort. The purpose of making wire loops with headpins and eye pins is to keep beads in place, although they don’t have to be helpful. Eyepin and headpin loops can be made an additional component of your design and a functional finding that binds your piece together using a simple way.

Headpins are tiny wires with a flattened metal piece at one end, referred to as the “head.” The head serves as a stopper, ensuring that the beads stay on the wire. The wire is flush cut at the other end of the headpin to make it easier to use.

Headpins are typically made of a variety of precious metals and alloys. A variety of metals including gold and sterling silver are the most frequently used metals for jewelry-making. The findings also come in various lengths, which is truly helpful when working with larger jewelry design elements that require a bit more wire wrapping to keep in place.

Because they already have a loop on one end and can be manipulated to make bead links, eye pins are a great time saver when it comes to connecting your jewelry pieces. In addition, these findings are also available in other metals.

Xinar’s Guarantee: Only True Gold-Filled Findings

Despite frequent supply chain disruptions because of the pandemic, Xinar’s commitment to selling only genuine beads and findings means we will never sell you gold-plated or gold-washed items in place of rolled gold or gold-filled. Substituting isn’t ethical either because the FTC requires gold-filled items to have at least 5% total gold by weight – something that gold-plated items will never have. After all, the gold on gold-plated items is only microns thick. It’s essential to be careful of what you buy on the internet because some stores misrepresent their items to sell. Everyone knows that gold-filled items are heavier with gold and contain more precious metal overall. In terms of durability, you can’t compare something that has been mechanically bonded to the surface of the jewelry brass with gold-plating. Xinar’s manufacturer uses a unique mechanical bonding technique that binds the gold to the brass at the atomic level, ensuring the highest gold quality and durability. 

Head Pins and Eye Pins

Head Pins and Eye Pins