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Gold-Filled Ear Wires


Gold-Filled Ear Wires

Shop 14k & 12k gold-filled findings at at bargain prices. We offer a sizeable assortment of gold-filled/rolled gold findings, including fishhook, leverback, and continuous hoop ear wires. Our gold-filled earrings findings are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are actual gold-filled and not anything else. Xinar has been selling the highest quality jewelry-making supplies on the internet since the 1990s, and we continue to provide only the best to our customers. Be sure to bookmark our site right now (Ctrl + D) and visit us often as we add new products regularly.

The Xinar Guarantee: Actual Gold-Filled Earrings Findings

The internet is a confusing place at best when you’re shopping for jewelry-making supplies. DIY crafters and beginning jewelry designers would be careful in selecting their supplies because there is plenty of misrepresentation online.

Many stores offer “gold-filled” items that are not gold-filled but gold-washed or gold-plated. There is a world of difference between gold-filled and these other metal treatments. According to the FTC, for anything to be correctly gold-filled, the core metal of the item must have been mechanically bound to the gold.

Xinar’s manufacturer uses an advanced gold bonding method that binds the gold to the brass at the atomic level. That means Xinar’s gold-filled findings aren’t just durable – they’re more durable than what other manufacturers can offer precisely because the bonding process is different.

This means that crafters can enjoy earrings findings that won’t tarnish, chip, or fade even if the final outputs are used daily. And let’s remember that gold-filled items can last a lifetime if they are given the proper care.

Working with Gold-Filled Findings

14k gold-filled leverback ear wires (aka French clips) are a secure form of ear wire that stay on more durably than earring hooks and other types of earrings findings.

These are highly recommended for pricier jewelry designs and earrings with a more vintage look and feel—many people just like the general appearance of leverback ear wires, which would explain their preference. Leverback ear wires are manufactured in a variety of precious metals, from sterling silver to gold-filled. Skilled jewelry designers can add decorative fronts to leverback ear wires as well.

Some designs also require classic drop posts (these are unique earrings findings), including 12k gold-filled flat w/ball 22 gauge ear wires. Then, loop in your charm or final custom-made drops.

You have the option of adding a jump ring to establish the connection if neither your finished dangle nor the earring finding has an open loop. Wire protectors offer strength to jewelry wire around the clasp, for example, where it may be weak. With a clasp, chain tabs are attached to the opposing side so that the clasp has something to latch onto (you can also use a jump ring). The split in open jump rings allow them to be opened using jewelry pliers. Closed jump rings can’t be opened because they have already been soldered. When you need a vital link for a piece of jewelry that is expensive or heavy, closed jump rings come in help.

Fishhook, Leverback, and Continuous Hoop Ear Wires

Fishhook, Leverback, and Continuous Hoop Ear Wires